Beginning the day with love

I wrote this article years and years ago . . . I feel like I’ve been writing about healthy food forever. Recently I have had several friends “go vegan” for two weeks — just two weeks. Their results have been remarkable. I’d also add that they are all over 50 years old! They feel amazing, look younger, have lost the leg pain, old feeling and some have told me how sex is better. (I am the vault but they said I could tell you!)

Some of these friends want their reluctant spouses to try eating a plant-based diet. My standard answer is → go to my website and search around but I understand now that they don’t want to hunt and peck, they want something in their hands to use every day. So here we are. I’m writing this book for a few people and my hope is that more people will benefit from the wisdom and recipes.

If eating healthy in the 2018 is a goal, I suggest you follow me for inspiration, hand holding, recipes and a lot of “good jobs!” because we all need tons of support when we are starting something new, different and not quite mainstream.

Truth: I am blessed by breakfast because of the wonderful people I wake up with!

My intention is begin the day with love, light and respect. (Somedays are better than others but setting the intention helps when I get off the zen mommy track.)

I have always enjoyed a very simple breakfast–coffee with toast (eating in bed with a newspaper–a bed party of sorts.) My family likes a little more variety so . . . Buying boxes and boxes of cereal made sense–until one day it no longer held the solution.

Many, many factors went into my decision to “ban the box” from our breakfast table. Gradually, I began a morning practice of blessing my family with simple, nutritious, plant based foods for breakfast. Muffins, fruit, oatmeal and toast with yummy jams served with coffee or tea. Doesn’t that sound divine!?!

Each day we are all given the gift of a new day. What will you do with yours?


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