It’s been a busy couple weeks for Dishonor.

I was given the opportunity to speak at a local church and share my story. After the service, two individuals made donations to help share copies of Dishonor.

Then the floodgates opened…


I fulfilled a request by sending a copy to a local inmate in the Douglas County jail. I believe this is the fourth copy sent to this jail.

A regular hair school client asked me to send a copy to a person, recently released from prison in Illinois. She said he is struggling to stay clean and find purpose in his life.


One of my students had a friend in her chair and she introduced me to her as “the one who wrote the book.” I said hello and politely went on my way. After her friend left, my student told me that the woman is in recovery.

I mentioned that if I had known, I would have given her a copy. The student said that she could get it to her, so I grabbed a copy, signed my name and Romans 8:1 inside, then gave her the book.

When my student took a pic to show her, the woman said she was at a tattoo shop having the very same verse inked on her skin. Crazy coincidence!

Another Coincidence

After learning that a Facebook contact works with teenagers in a substance abuse outpatient program, I sent her a copy to see if it would be useful. She mentioned to me that her father was just sentenced to sixteen years in prison and that she would love to get a copy to him once he is transferred to a permanent facility. Another crazy coincidence?


One of my co-workers told me that the client he was working with was a recovering meth addict. She was in previously and I missed her so I grabbed a copy right away to give to her. She thanked me and told me that she would love to get a copy to her “old man” who is serving time in the Nebraska State Prison in Lincoln. I shipped one out the next morning.


Sometimes, I get feedback from those who read it, other times I will never know if Dishonor made any sort of impact. But, I am so glad that I have an opportunity to share my story. God is constantly at work, drawing people to Himself. To be used in any way in this process is the greatest honor. It blows me away that He allows us to be a part of His mission.

Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I appreciate all of the support you give to help share the message of God’s grace and forgiveness.

Feel free to contact me if you want me to ship a copy to an inmate or someone who is struggling with the guilt and shame from their past.


Visit David at and read more of his work here.

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