It was a long way for me.

But finally, I’m here and want to share my short story about one of the main reasons for overeating as far as I’m concerned.

I realized long ago that I had chronic disturbance of cerebral circulation. But it was so insignificant that no modern analysis indicated any deviations.

What I suffered from was liability to depression, fatigue, a persistent desire to sleep, poor sense of direction and often of time. Ultimately, I managed to improve my cerebral circulation and thus to provide my brain with needful oxygen and nutrients along with bloodstream.

But what does it have in common with overeating, with what we like to eat and how much we eat?

It is really amazing (like the whole human body, though). It turns out there is the following chain:

Poor cerebral circulation > poor absorption of nutrients from food and intolerance to many products > organs got few needful nutrients and required more > I ate too much, I just couldn’t help it.

Thinking back to my school years, I wondered what was happening to me. Every time classes were over, I rushed home to have a meal. And I can’t say I was that hungry. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but sometimes I didn’t even take off my outdoor clothes — I immediately ran to the kitchen.

I wasn’t fat, but I always had extra pounds. And the fact remained — I knew for sure this wasn’t the real me. The real me was far healthier girl. 

So why did I keep eating lots of food?

I didn’t think about it all the time, didn’t dream of having one more piece of pie. I wasn’t crazy about some particular food either. But once I experienced strain (at school it occurred every day), at home I couldn’t help gorging a heavy meal.

I know it might sound incredible, but seeing a good doctor can drastically change the situation. Writing this article, I am anxious to show you that constant overeating or love for junk food is not always a psychological problem. Be honest with yourself, but if you do think your problem is not about your psychology, don’t put it off and seek the cause “in other places”.


26 yo with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder): a nice person with warm heart and beautiful-sometimes-crystal-clear mind.
26 yo with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder): a nice person with warm heart and beautiful-sometimes-crystal-clear mind.

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