A lesson in paying attention

Sometimes things are too familiar. I find I get into a routine and then I do things without thinking and without checking.

Yesterday that happened. I knew I wanted to write a post for Five Minute Friday. I have been trying to write for that every Friday. So I jumped over to that website and as it looked familiar I thought it was the right page. WRONG. It was a page from 3 weeks ago.

It felt familiar as the prompt was NEED. But I wrote it anyway. I received permission from 3 people to showcase their artwork. I made it look wonderful. I called it Why Do I Need to Study in Community?

The idea with 5 minute Friday is to write for 5 minutes. I did that. But then it takes an hour to make it right.

Finally I pushed publish.

Then I travelled over to Five Minute Friday to link my post, only to discover that it was the wrong link. And to top it off it was Thursday. I needed to wait until today to get the right prompt for a post.

Everything about it felt too familiar. And at the back of my mind I could hear something say, “there is something familiar about that word”.

And then there was the clue. My blog has a plugin called Yoast. When I went to type in the key word, it told me that word “need” had already been used.

Now that was unusual.

But I thought — mmm. Oh well I will not worry about it and pushed publish anyway.

Then I awoke this morning. I wondered what I should do today. Should I send another Five Minute Friday to my followers? At that moment I checked my email. In came the third day’s prompt for a 10 day Challenge to write for 10 days.

Guess what the theme was?

Anything I want to write about today.

That made the whole decision easier. I would write about “familiar” and explain how I got into this predicament.

I think I need to take more time to think before acting. And certainly pray before writing.

I am enjoying writing every day. Every Single Day, as Bradley Charbonneau has encouraged me to do.


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