Can truth be fluid? Imagine yourself standing two inches from a massive piece of art hanging on the wall in front of you.

The truth of what you are observing with your limited scope is absolute. The colors are absolute. The shapes are absolute. The smell is absolute.

Now imagine that you take a few steps back. You have a different truth emerging. You begin to slowly analyze the new information that surrounds the small piece that you first observed.

You have new colors to consider. The shapes have a different meaning because they were merely a part of something larger. You can no longer smell the materials used in the creation of the piece, instead, the air is a mixture of perfumes, colognes, and products used by the art gallery.

Now imagine that standing a few feet from you, there are two other people that are observing their small piece on the same piece of art.

Imagine that each person is describing their personal experience of the piece. Imagine that they didn’t realize that they each had a different view.

Imagine also the irritation and anger rising in each person as their truth is challenged by what another person is experiencing.

This is not a new analogy. I have seen it used in an old children’s book as several blind men are trying to describe an elephant by only feeling one part each. They argue, then finally take in all the observations and come up with the whole thing.

The point is that each person when individually experiencing something with their senses and intellect, only learn a limited truth.

Finding Truth is a Life Long Pursuit

Truth is fluid. As we learn to grow and consider more factors that contribute to our truth, our truth changes. We gain perspective.

This does not always mean that our truth is incorrect. Sometimes it just means that we do not have a full understanding of what we are trying to comprehend.

The truth of the composition is absolute. Our ability to analyze it completely will depend on many factors.

Personal experience, age, and interest are some of the factors that will affect our ability to analyze truth.

An Example 

Ballet or Jazz are examples of things that can be observed on many levels. Without understanding the complexity, training, and discipline that is required to produce it, you might find yourself unable to relate to it.

It may be something that you barely notice or find boring.

When you understand the history, complexity, and discipline necessary to create it, you gain a greater appreciation for it. You comprehend its beauty.

Some people will never develop an interest in Jazz or Ballet. It will always appear dull and uninteresting to them.

We are Unique

There are things that I will never fully appreciate that others will. That is one of the greatest truths of all. We are created differently. We have unique abilities and will develop in different areas.

I have learned to appreciate and really listen to the perceptions of other people. It does not mean that I agree with their observations, but I consider it and sometimes it changes my fluid truth.

We were created to hunger and thirst for truth; truth in nature, truth in beauty, truth in humanity.

The longer that I search for truth, the wiser and more valuable the older generation becomes to me.

The truth may seem elusive and fluid, but if we search for it like treasure and consider others’ observations who are older, wiser, or different we will gain a greater understanding.

Stuck in a Small Truth

Imagine never taking those steps back to reveal the greater picture. Imagine standing there arguing dogmatically for your limited scope of truth.

Sadly, this is becoming a reality and the root cause of the polarization we now face as a country.

I once stood staring at the beauty and hope of the world and thought I comprehended it. When I took a few steps back, I realized I was only seeing a tiny piece of a greater truth.

I am a writer from Texas who enjoys humans.
I am a writer from Texas who enjoys humans.

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