How trustworthy is God? Can you really trust Him to answer your prayers? My experience recently confirmed my life verse:

“Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5–6.

It is not often that you get to see a prayer confirmed quickly or precisely but when you do, the gratitude comes on strong.

I have been trained as a spiritual director, a person who comes alongside others who want to see more of God in their daily lives. I love holding safe spaces open for people to hear God.

I had been praying to God to ask Him how I might be able to do more of that type of work as well as supplement our retirement income. He knew our financial status as well as my business of life coaching, spiritual direction and writing.

I looked at our church plant and knew that they couldn’t afford a staff person. That’s my ministry site anyway and I love supporting prayer development there. I looked at our church’s congregational oversite for our church plant and saw that they use coaching, but it’s mostly internally.

I then realized a global missions ministry has its national headquarters close to where I live. I started watching the job postings there. However, most of them were administrative. I have done that and it’s not really my skill set.

I then prayed that if there was a position that used my spiritual direction gifts of pastoral care that He would make it known to me.

I knew that one of the elders in my church was a director for this ministry. However, I didn’t say anything to him about my prayer. He ended up coming to me and offering me a pastoral care position for the operations planning team for Urbana ’18, a collegiate missions conference, held every three years.

This answer to prayer has me reflecting on several principles to keep practicing:

Let God know the desires of your heart.

Check to see that those desires are in alignment with the spiritual gifts He has provided

Open your hands in order for Him to provide the work

Striving is not necessary to receive what He has for us — waiting is

This is “for such a time as this.” Who knows who is praying for you right now? The director was praying for me to feel called!

The TakeAway

What is on your heart that is on His heart for you? How can you find out? What will you offer up to Him and wait to see what He will do?

I still shake my head in wonder. I feel like He has said that this in this project I am to listen and that it will be challenging. The operations team is responsible for managing 16,000 conference attendees and 240 vendors for a six-day conference all focused on the call of God in their lives. Whew!


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