I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store for the second time with my one item I had forgotten to get. I even had a list. I was so frustrated and irritated.

As I was swiping my debit card, the lady behind me rammed into me with her cart. My heels! As I turned around, I could see that the lady was sprawled out in the checkout line…out cold and still hanging onto the buggy. In order to help her, I had to peel her hands off the buggy handle to ease her to the floor. I did all this with a cast on my left arm…

Not a single adult offered to help.

The lady was cold and clammy, and her breathing was shallow. I began to rub her cheek, “Ma’am?” As she opened her eyes she began to cry.

I inquired, “Are you a diabetic?” She replied, “Yes, newly diagnosed. Please don’t call 911. I’m so embarrassed.” She had taken her insulin, but had failed to eat enough. I helped her to the café and got her something to eat. As she perked up she started telling me her story.

She and her husband were recently separated. He had cheated on her and she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She still loved him, but she knew they had a lot to work on. In her words, “Thankfully we don’t have children in the picture.”

She said her stress level had been high because her job was coming to an end and she was worried about income and health insurance. We talked for about an hour while she finished her snack. She thanked me and said she felt better.

We parted ways and I decided to shop a little more. After I checked out, I was on my way to the car when my watermelon fell off the cart and started rolling across the parking lot. Lime green cast and all, I was running after my watermelon when I see two men laughing their fool heads off. I finally caught up with my watermelon, hauled it back to the car, only to drop it and have it split all over the concrete. The before mentioned men continued to laugh without offering me a helping hand.

I couldn’t take another minute. I yelled across the parking lot,

“Your mama didn’t raise you right!”

I showed them.

This day was classic. God interrupting my bad heart attitude by making me focus on the needs of another; and then following that with, by all accounts a hilarious scene in the parking lot.

When I leave my bubble and get out into the real world, I am hit full force with the reality of the way people live.

God reminds me every day to pay attention to what is going on around me.

I have 2018 on my mind, wondering what assignment God will have for me in the New Year. I’m confident He will allow me to represent Him to those who are hurting and just need someone to care.

Do You See Me?

The walking wounded are everywhere,

Waiting for someone to reach out and care.

The world is harsh and unfair.

So many hurting people in despair,

Wanting to voice their troubles and share,

How much they are in need of prayer.

Please open your eyes and be aware,

How desperately they need you to care!

~Ally Holland


Visit Allyson at allysonholland.com.

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