What if the winter trees could talk,
what are the things they’d say?
Would they stand there shivering,
on cold December days?
Would we hear them grumbling,
as temperatures dropped low?
Or would they see the beauty
of the freshly fallen snow?

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

What if the trees of spring could talk,
would we hear words of praise?
Of how they love their blossoms
that keep popping out for days?
Would they love the showers,
and watching raindrops fall?
Or would they gripe of soggy leaves
and not be glad at all?

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

What if the summer trees could talk
as their branches gently sway?
Providing shade for all who sit
beneath their boughs each day.
What if the summer trees could talk,
is this their favorite time?
Or would they focus on the heat,
and bugs who love to climb?

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

What if the autumn trees could talk,
would they be full of glee,
at colors that explode each day,
so wonderful to see?
Or would they focus on what’s gone,
their leaves upon the ground?
What if the autumn trees could talk,
would any praise be found?

Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash

Scripture says a day will come
when trees will clap their hands,
I know it sounds incredible,
and hard to understand.
Whatever the season that I’m in,
no matter what I see.
I can choose what I focus on,
—it’s really up to me.


Life is hard, so I write words to make it softer.
Visit Anne at AnnePeterson.com and see more of her work here

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