Like life to death, connections follow us through every strand and fiber of our being; some would say weaving us into a tapestry of universal connection that we cannot understand; our logic fails to grasp concepts beyond space and time.

Our birth connected to mother and father, blood lines to siblings, characters to upbringings, fingers and toes ancestry and DNA combine to form the quintessential figures that we call us.

We are born free form from the joining of two bodies, ovarian acceptance of an invitation to conceive, when the time is right all abodes and falls into place, when the time is right things fall out of place as well, like death. 

Through spirit we are connected to a vast universe of celestial knowing; a storage house of souls ascending and vibrating oscillations and energetic frequencies far beyond our comprehension. 

Our brains are so intricate and complex that neurosciences has only began to grasp the eons of synapses and impulses that hard wire and re-wire brains and running organs.

“One With Nature” by Aaryn West

Weare connected in space and time and outside of space and time; ask Tesla, ask Dr. Hawking, we are not alone. Outside of space and time and dark matter exists our matter, our bodies composed of water and spare parts for functioning, destruction, propagation, evolution, intrigue, love, grief, sandals in the sand. 

We exist to frolic in the sand, in the same spaces that others have frolicked too, for frolicking is no separate act.

Our connections fill empty spaces even when we feel alone, we are never alone, it is not possible as everything in this universe is energy, and because we are energy we are never alone. The sensitive ones understand, babies too.

Strands of time from birth to our passing connect the dots into our landscapes and everyone who has ventured into our lives, for they are connected to our connection and we to them. People and places retain fragments of us when we exist and enter, stored as memories or perhaps nightmares, drama or more. 

No man is an island, rarely is an island untouched by man kind.

What we put out as creativity connects us even further to each other, we share words, stories, art, debacles, traditions, muses, tea. Coffee and tea bind us even further to one another as we exchange. 

To exchange anything in life, to give, to receive, to be, that connects us even more so. The guy replacing your battery is another connection. The movers and the shakers, the stillness in the water and rocks, the conjurers and motivators, the food that feeds us and the mouths that receive them, all connected.

We are a complex system of connections, and to think for one second that we don’t need each other is folly of the greatest kind.

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