So, 2019 has begun, and in the first days of January, I suddenly felt a strange, immensely pleasant sensation inside: I work as a freelancer and I like it. Entirely. 100%.

It shocks me. I’ve been familiar with freelance since I was 20, though I started to work in digital marketing at 18. All this time, I hated freelance until last month. I once adored my office work, I liked communicating with my colleagues, I liked having the higher-ups that trained me and gave me knowledge. After all, I liked my comfy workplace. But life often sets its own rules, especially when we’re young and inexperienced: I had to become a freelancer.

That’s how my thorny way of freelancer began. I am the type of a person who needs development, respectful attitude to them, and who produces a good result. Three obligatory points. But other people — they are often different.

And… all that time I ignored this fact. I thought that if I did my work well, if I was fully stretched and always gave a result better than expected, then the clients must meet this “level.” Because it’s logical. It’s reasonable. It’s great.

It seemed to me that cooperation of a freelancer and a client was cooperation of two grown-ups, who respected each other and who were ready to contact, being eager to help each other in such a way that the work eventually proved really successful.

If you’re a freelancer, print out that paragraph and tack it on the most conspicuous place. Read it and laugh. Laugh loudly, for your neighbors to hear you.

A freelancer is the only person to actually conduct the process. A freelancer is a private boss, who, due to their experience, knowledge, and the ability to talk to any person, masters their work. From making up preliminary specifications to correcting mistakes in an already finished work… Lord, in a work which was done a year ago! And the client just now noticed the mistakes or something.

Don’t be a mommy for them. Don’t be a nice girl trying to please them. Don’t be a tough guy. These “roles” in communication with a client is a road to nowhere.

Fire a gun at your pride. Pride will never make you better or happier, and will surely not give you any advantages in freelance.

To be a happy freelancer means to be a mature person rather than to possess knowledge in the chosen field and the huge number of clients/revenues.

Yes, to be a freelancer actually means to be a boss: a wise boss, who is capable of managing a hundred different people, with different destinies, life experience, and temper.

You are ready for this responsibility and assume it. That’s the only condition to make you 100% happy with your freelance.

26 yo with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder): a nice person with warm heart and beautiful-sometimes-crystal-clear mind.
26 yo with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder): a nice person with warm heart and beautiful-sometimes-crystal-clear mind.

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