Let’s face it, I stopped crying, the tears have had years for drying, if you heard that I’ve been missing you, I can assure my aim will improve.

A little tip for the next one on the menu, keep expectations low, and he’ll convince you. As for me, my palate is more refined, want more than just a body, also need a mind.

So I hear that you and him been having issues, I’ll check to see if I care and be sure to FedEx over tissues. If you decide that you need to run back to me, you’ll find the door locked, that I changed the key.

Been through this marriage thing before, and I’ve learned a thing or two, like do unto others before they do unto you. I don’t think I’ll travel down the aisle again, I think I have had enough, done with all this romance crap, had more than enough.

Gave you love, gave you trust, took it all and paid me dust, to think I’ll take you back in lust. bet it all just to bust. It’s a gamble you cannot win, already broke the bank, your credit is no good here, but I would like to thank, Thank you for your cash and meals, the courting was very nice. Appreciate your purchase, and that you paid the Price.

Now you miss and love me, ain’t that a switch. Guess you finally figured out who’s the better bitch, thought you’d run back to me without a hitch, Hope you find someone somewhere to run diagnostic, someone who would take the time, I have had my fill of tinkering under your hood, and trying to change your mind.

Say goodbye and leave the key, erase my number from your phone, don’t think you can ever come back, this is not your home. If you feel sentimental, and want another try, whatever was between us, I shot between the eyes. The doors are barred and barricaded, you have been dismissed. I will disappear into the crowd, added to my blacklist.

Writer, Poet, NC Native who enjoys sharing through poetry. Visit D. Wyn at WindsorStudios.WordPress.com.
Writer, Poet, NC Native who enjoys sharing through poetry. Visit D. Wyn at WindsorStudios.WordPress.com.

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