“Millennials can be very hardworking, but it’s easier to tell the story of the ones who are entitled.”

-Kathryn Minshew

I feel like I know next to nothing about my own generation.

The two-edged sword that is the Internet has allowed us to form in our minds what it means to be a millennial. Yet at the same time, it makes us naive with the notion that this idea of what it means to be a millennial is accurate.

Do we all love avocado toast?

Are we all trying to perfect our downward dog?

Are we millennials really as whiny as some people might say?

Maybe we are.

But maybe it’s not so simple.

We can see a clear difference between groups of people born in different time periods. Different standards, values, morals, and attitudes.

To many people in the world, straight up hard work is very highly valued.

Yet many millennials struggle with this philosophy. We love the ideas of a 4-hour workweek, working smarter and not harder, and passive income.

The Internet and the significant impact that it has made on us has led our generation to be labeled as lazy and whiny when it comes to the hard things in life.

But we’re not all lazy. We’ve been trained in a new age of convenience and life-customizability that makes us more likely to seek an easier, more efficient way of doing things.

Which, in turn, allows us to have the time to seek for deeper meaning.

It’s as if we’ve been trained from a young age, by our use of the Internet, to look for simpler, faster, more efficient ways of doing things.

But the desire for greater efficiency is another two-edged sword.

On the one edge, we really do have problems with entitlement, laziness, and impatience.

But on the other we see a world that is largely inefficient and in some ways lacking meaning.

While we “whine” about problems with student debt, social security, and the housing market, what we really want is to make the world as efficient as our world has become with technological advancement.

Because we’ve been trained to seek efficiency, we want to make the world become efficient too.

But we don’t have all the right tools and experience to do that, yet.

And that’s what we need to learn from more experienced generations.

As divisive as the world is right now, what we really need is to come together as generations to learn and grow from one another.

If we really want to change the world, we will combine the knowledge and experience of older generations with the drive for greater efficiency of younger generations.

Each generation can be characterized by core values and beliefs, deeply held and shaped by major world events of their time.

Every generation’s belief system has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

The major world event for millennials has been the Internet and subsequent technological advancements.

How can we overcome the disadvantages of the culture this change has brought about and use this new worldview to make the world a better place?

Let us learn from more experienced generations. 

Let us let them become our mentors. 

Let us become less whiny and practice working hard and smart. 

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