Do This And You Won’t Run Out Of Ideas

A reminder to all writers…

You are at a cafe having your routine breakfast.

You look out through the glassed-window and observe the rays of sunlight bouncing off the faces of everyday commuters while you sip your hot coffee, quickly yet mindful enough to not scald your delicate tongue in the process.

You then take a look at your watch and realised that you are going to be late for work if you were to start writing your story there (even though you could have just make a point on your notebook and go back to it later).

Without giving this sparkle of inspiration much thought, you continue with your daily tasks only to realise, down the road, that you could have materialised it into a wonderful narrative.

You then regret the fact that you did not jot down the idea you had because right now, you can’t seem to remember the essence of it.

Sounds familiar?

I am not sure about you but this kind of scenario happens to me all the time. I get a story inspiration but often fail to write it down, only to regret it later on.

Therefore, as of this point, I am determined to cultivate this purposeful habit as a writer.


Because I hate regret but more importantly, I don’t want to give myself the excuse of not being able to come up with ideas when they are mostly in front of me through my daily experiences.

So if you are like me, consider getting into the habit of writing down your inspirations as soon as possible. That way, you won’t run out of writing ideas because you will soon have a backlog of them.

Keep a pen and a notebook with you at all times. Use your smartphone. Do whatever you can to secure that idea so you can go back to it later.

To repeat: Write down your ideas, whenever and wherever, ASAP!

Jeff Vandermeer shows how effective this is in Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide To Creating Imaginative Fiction:

Four years later, getting into a tram in Boston, something about the tram reminded me of the train in the Underground station, and that reminded me of the Lady in Blue, and suddenly, my subconscious mind had delivered up to me a detailed history for her. I spent a good half hour on that tram writing down what had appeared spontaneously in my mind. Before I knew it, the Lady in Blue was a rebel leader in my fantastical city of Ambergris…

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Writer. Reader. Coffee Addict. Visit Kelvin at
Writer. Reader. Coffee Addict. Visit Kelvin at

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