It will change your life.

In the last week of July, I made a decision in my life that made a lot of sense.

I paid to become a Medium Member.

No this isn’t a post about why every single person should be a member or anything like that.

Though I will say it feels great to be reading members posts for a full year without worry that I’ll hit that cap. Not to mention supporting writers whom I read on the regular.

This post is more about investing in things that you use every day of your life.

I know we all have our productivity hacks and apps. We have specific methods to stay organized and accomplish our goals in a speedy way. However like a lot of other people, we often don’t take the leap and strive to get the best of the best.

We love our sleep, but we aren’t willing to pay that extra $5 or $10 for that extra comfy pillow, allowing us to sleep better.

We love Medium and read a lot of content, and yet some of us are reluctant to pay the $50 a year.

We want to keep our body healthy and strong, but we won’t pay the extra couple of dollars for better quality foods.

The reasons why we don’t take the leap can make sense in some cases. Not all people can afford the monthly or yearly subscriptions on top of the other subscriptions and bills they need to pay. Or perhaps they don’t use something enough to make their moneys worth.

But outside of those niche situations (among others) a lot of people can afford these small upgrades. And yet they don’t take the leap.

Please stop doing that.

Instead, Step Up And Ride First Class.

This isn’t to say you should aim for a lavish lifestyle filled with hyper-consumption. Seriously, if you are in situations where upgrading doesn’t make sense or you can’t afford it without getting a loan — don’t.

But for others, I would argue to heavily consider your option to upgrade.

One reason to consider something like this is following the idea of what David Schwartz says many times in his book The Magic of Thinking Big.

It’s the idea of riding first class.

While Schwartz isn’t promoting a lavish lifestyle, he does suggest to treat yourself properly. A lot of people think small and pessimistically. They justify their actions with excuses and doubts.

But by riding first class, Schwartz explains that this is a way to lift your spirits up and start to think bigger.

It’s this sort of principal for why I went forward with paying for this subscription. Even though money is tight, I can still afford upgrading things here and there. Especially if it costs such a relatively small amount of money.

Not to mention it makes sense seeing as I have been using Medium even more to develop myself. It’s a way to support other writers and to encourage further use of this platform.

But there is more to it than that. There’s more to than that to consider upgrading.

Higher Respect Leads To A Better Mood

When we purchase things, we buy based on our emotions. It’s for this reason why whenever we buy things, we get a burst of emotions. While that burst is temporary, that logic can still transition to the things that we upgrade in our lives.

In many cases a freemium product is ideal. It gives us the opportunity to leverage a system and see if we use it. From there we go and upgrade it.

Those emotions when we upgrade are all the same thing when we buy something else that enriches our lives. Like weights or pillows.

But I believe there is more to it than that. There’s more thought process placed on certain items. Specifically items that either we intend to leverage or items that directly improve our lives. I think there is more going on than simple emotions.

Namely, respect. Respect for ourselves.

It comes back to what Schwartz said. People ride first class don’t just ride first class because they can, but because they respect themselves.

Okay maybe not everyone.

However the principal of it is that people at the very least have some higher standards. That’s part of the course when you respect yourself more. This in turn can affect your mood, particularly in items that are meant to enrich your life.

You Get The Added Bonus That It Helps You

A lot of our feeds have shifted a lot to the point that Medium is pushing more locked posts. This isn’t a coincidence.

Medium is changing their model, however it means a lot to those who are paying into it. When you do, not only do you get access to the plethora of posts that other members get. You also get a step above that which you can leverage.

Just like with any freemium type of platform, the bonus is normally a substantial benefit above the usual benefits of free versions.

Of course, the product needs to deliver on those upgrades as well. If we don’t see a benefit or we’re not leveraging it, we drop the subscription. But in situations where we are maximizing the free version, the upgrade can very well change our lives and our experience on the platform.

Upgrade Now

Maybe you are waiting to jump on the Medium Membership and that’s alright, it’s your decision in the end. However there are many other things in our lives that could use an upgrade. This can be the apps on our phones that you use or perhaps your own pillows or beds. Whatever the case may be, paying a little extra for a better experience is well worth it.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Eric Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew. His passion is self-improvement, personal growth, positivity, and dedicating time to tell people about the importance of self-improvement. Visit Eric at
Eric Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew. His passion is self-improvement, personal growth, positivity, and dedicating time to tell people about the importance of self-improvement. Visit Eric at

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