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Insanity is doing the same thing yet expecting different results. If we choose to accept this definition to be the universally accepted definition of insanity, then I can thus say that we all are insane at some points of our life. I assure you that some of us walk into the new year insane; based on the definition above. We expect better results, better relationships, increased revenue and more but we don’t change our strategy. 

The outcome of such practices is that it keeps you at the same point. You find out that you are making no progress with your life. Don’t be someone who has nothing to be proud of as years go by except the many calendars you’ve been able to tear. This, of course, is no achievement. If you want different results this time, you have to change your strategies. Maintaining your strategy will mean that you really made no progress at all. 

If you want to achieve more this year, there are some conscious choices you must make. One of such choices is that you have to stop making excuses. There will always be excuses you can use to justify why you did what you did. If you really have to make a difference this year, you have to decide that you will stop making silly excuses. 

Financially, I had been at thesame spot for a long time because I always had excuses for why I didn’t save. There were always good reasons for me not to save but I decided that I won’t make those excuses any more. As we speak, I am more financially stable with my life than I have ever been before just because I denied to make excuses.


I am saying all these to assure you that intentionally changing your strategies that are not working is the main way forward. If you will have to accomplish whatever you want to, you have to stop making excuses. Don’t get emotional in your pursuit. Failure is one of the most unemotional creatures walking the face of the earth. If you keep making excuses, failure will get hold of you and believe me it hurts.

Another very important thing you have to do is set your priorities straight. Whatever you do in life has a special way of making you busy. If you don’t set your priorities straight in such busy environments, you will discover that your life is feeling the more worthless as days go by. Setting priorities are easy but I assure that if you are not diligent enough to follow them, you will still be wasting your time. Nothing will change! Deep shit awaits you if you don’t set your priorities straight.


Let me end with this one. There is nothing in life like an overnight success. For every overnight success you see, there are weeks if not years of serious hard work done. If you want to live an extraordinary life, you must be ready to do the extraordinary hard work needed. You cant be a super achiever sleeping on your bed. How I wish life was a bed of roses. I would lay in bed all day and don’t bother about anything. 

If you want to make a difference in this world, you have to start with your life. Look deep into your life, look at the things that are not working. Write a list of them all and make conscious decisions to change them. It will be best if you get an accountability partner. Do all you can to change those things that are not working. It may be a gradual process but if you stick to it consistently, you will be amazed at how much difference it will add to your life. A drop of water on its own is useless but many drops of water fill a bucket. Collect your drops this year to lead an amazing life.

I motivate is a place where you find fresh content to inspire you. You guide as you journey on your way to great. Visit Nji at
I motivate is a place where you find fresh content to inspire you. You guide as you journey on your way to great. Visit Nji at
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