Dollars and Sense, Seasons and Reasons

A few days ago I was looking out my window and happened to see a single robin, hopping across the snow-covered lawn as if to imply she is not ready yet to return. I have heard that all robins don’t fly South for the winter, although I have yet to see one in December. This one is the first I have seen this year. She appears plump and well rested. She is gleaning from the seeds fallen from the feeder above, as the ground still is frozen. I wonder what she is thinking, this harbinger of Spring. Does she think she has arrived too early? Perhaps she went the wrong way? I would never think that about her.

I saw no buds appearing on the trees, no crocus yet peeking their heads up. It was cold, a mere 13 degrees. “Well”, I voiced to no one, “Spring is really still two weeks away.”

What seems to happen every year is, though the signs are few, one morning I will wake up and Spring will be in full bloom. It takes a long time and then it happens quickly!

Am I a sign seeker or a sign observer? 

Just how much do I depend upon signs to motivate me and my everyday endeavors? I wasn’t looking for the robin. She just happened to catch my eye as I looked out the window. I recognized her because I know she is a telling of what is sure to come, despite what it appears to be now. 

We normally don’t do anything or go anywhere without signs, whether they be physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. It is how we suggest we are going in the right direction, and it can appear as proof that we have arrived at our destination. Notice I wasn’t very definitive.

We can miss the signs, we can follow the wrong signs or we can ignore the signs. 

I had all kinds of thoughts last night about writing. I woke up long before the sun, actually with an earache. I went downstairs to take something for the throbbing. Half-awake, tending to the pain first, by the time I decided to write down my fresh ideas, they were fading fast away and I couldn’t remember one…not one! What is that? Frustrating, that’s what it is!

I felt like Alice chasing the rabbit down the hole ending up in a room too small, not able to fit through the door and never seeing the rabbit again. She followed what she saw, or what she thought she saw, just to have it disappear before her eyes.

Signs, you can depend upon them. Signs, you can’t depend upon them. 

Some will always ask “Why do you write?” Depending upon who is asking, I say it is because God impressed it upon me to write, or told me to write. Am I calling that a sign that I should write? Maybe. I wasn’t looking for it, but I recognized it.

I think if we keep looking for signs we can end up chasing dreams and finding ourselves in that land where we always wonder where we are and how did we get here.

When we stop seeking them sometimes we see they are right in front of us. It is then we are to act on them.

A sign that points you in a direction doesn’t mean there won’t be more lessons to learn and obstacles to face. 

 What happens when ideas and Words don’t just show up? Well, there is listening, there is praying, there is reading, there is asking, and there is believing.

Signs sometimes are few and far apart. You may have to stay on the same path for a long time where nothing changes and go with what you know.

The trap we can all get caught in is the dollar sign. That is a sign I want to recognize its benefits and avoiding seeking it. It isn’t that I don’t need money. God knows how much I owe that I cannot pay. If that is my motivation then I am missing the whole point.

God has always worked with signs. There are plenty of them from Genesis to Revelation. Everything from Earthly calamity, wars between nations, famine, pestilence, signs in the heavens and the moral pulse of the people, He lays before us His plan and purpose. Still, the fact remains that we all won’t see them, seek them or take heed to them. 

Does that worry God? I don’t think so. Should it worry me? Not if it doesn’t worry Him. He has a plan and knows how to reveal it to each one. I just have to do what I recognize He has told me to do, nothing else.

Today the sun is out and temperatures are climbing. There is the talk of more snow. Mrs. Robin is not in plain sight. Though she is a sign of Spring, she also followed a sign and came, and brought a song. 

Today I am just going to write.

Hi, my name is Mary and I am a writer of hope, sorting through the mudpuddles and rainbows of my life. I believe God can be found in all of it.
Hi, my name is Mary and I am a writer of hope, sorting through the mudpuddles and rainbows of my life. I believe God can be found in all of it.

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