We feel different emotions at different times. Some are joyful, some are painful. Some of these feelings are so good that they create long-term memories in our head. Some of these emotions we feel come often while some don’t.

What memories makes you come alive? Have you ever taught about it? What is that feeling that rushes into your soul and you leap in jubilation knowing that the best is coming? That feeling that makes you see the world from the mirror of a superhero.

What memory, on the other hand, breaks you? What is that memory that every time you think of it you just wanna cry? You see the world to be a wicked place every time that feeling comes up. It even feels sometimes like no one sees or feels that pain of yours.

I come today with a word of hope and encouragement. I want you to know that you can do and be more than you expected. You can use that same feeling that breaks you down. You can harness the power that comes from that negative experience you have gotten to make a better version of who you are.

Don’t ditch that feeling. Don’t burry it up on the inside of you. It’s only going to hurt them more. Memories are meant to be kept and used. Whether good or bad, we need to keep those memories. learn how to use these memories for something good. I will show you in the lines ahead how you can use those same hurtful memories and feelings.

Let’s start here! Who do you think you are? Are you a failure? Are you an overcomer? Are you a victor or are you a victim? The image you have about yourself determines how you respond to the circumstances and Situations Of life. Do think you are here just to manage and mingle your way through life? Think about this to yourself. The response you give will be the reason why your life is the way it is

Looking at yourself to be a champion is the only way you use negative emotions and hurtful experiences. You need to see that your life as a whole won’t be where it is if not for the lessons and the experiences you have gotten as such none of them is useless. None of them is even small to make a difference in the whole of your being. None is worth ignoring! All those experiences sum up to make you who you are.

If only you can hold on a little bit more and learn how to make the most out of those painful experiences, you will know that there is joy in every pain. There is a big gain in every pain. Most at times, what happens is that we are blinded by the hurtful feeling so much so that all we want to do is ditch it and move on with our lives. You even never want it to repeat itself again

That’s not the solution. Doctors will tell you that when you ignore a wound and don’t treat it from the start, your flesh decays and it does more harm to you than good. When you finally take that wound to them, what they do is that they peel it back and apply some medicines so that it heals properly. They give a permanent solution to the wounds issue.

What am I trying to say here, am I telling you to dig open wounds that are “healed”? Yes, that’s what you ought to do. Covering up those hurtful feelings is like closing a wound and expecting it to heal. It doesn’t it decays. So dig down to your heart now and start pulling out those hurtful feelings. I am not saying that you let yourself go through the experience that caused you pain. Rather I am saying that don’t keep crying over the experience which you can walk past and be strong again. It’s like crying over spilt milk.

What do you do with it?

Look at them in the face and tell them that they can’t limit you anymore. Tell them that you have got power over them. Tell them that they can’t limit you. Make them see who you are. Let them see the overcomer in you.

Let them see the fighter in you And at the end dump them into the trash can. They are not meant to limit you but promote you. Speak that those feelings you are trying to ditch and trust me you will be much stronger

Do this every time you feel hurt. Empty your heart to yourself and use those negative feelings. Don’t cover them up. Bring them to the surface. Don’t let it limit you and you will lead a very happy life.

I motivate is a place where you find fresh content to inspire you. You guide as you journey on your way to great. Visit Nji at IMotivate.com.
I motivate is a place where you find fresh content to inspire you. You guide as you journey on your way to great. Visit Nji at IMotivate.com.
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