It will ultimately be your downfall

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, wherever you look, there is another “entrepreneur” who drops one of those inspirational quotes.

They tell people to go out there and make a 6 figure income because they shouldn’t work a “9 to 5 job”.

They promote freedom, a beautiful lifestyle, livin’ life as they say. Most of the time, they are the same people who have some cliche program about making 6 figure on e-commerce or any other possible way of making money.

“Don’t let society push its values on you” and other bullshit like that.

I agree that you shouldn’t go to a “9 to 5 job”, and when I say that I mean one of these boring and energy consuming corporate jobs that you truly don’t want to go to.

But the fact that the same people who say that you shouldn’t let society push its values on you are the same ones who push on you the values of a beautiful, rich lifestyle, traveling around the world and what not, is ironical.

I’m not here to ruin your dreams.

In this article, I’m here to tell you what went wrong with the “don’t be average” mentality.

Drop out of college trend

If you’re not living under a goddamn rock, you must’ve heard or seen someone talk about dropping out of college.

More and more people are thinking of dropping out of college. There’s nothing wrong with it.

The problem is why they are dropping.

“College is a waste of time” or “the greatest achievers dropped out of college” are just some of the reasons why people want to drop out of college.

Even more, this decision doesn’t truly come from within themselves. They are influenced by “entrepreneurs” who created 6 figure businesses using “this simple technique”.

Everybody’s situation is different. For example, if you want to become a doctor, you’ll obviously need to go to college.

“B-..but… but I want to build a business”

I understand. Who wouldn’t want to generate 6 figure income doing little to no work, right?

If you think about how beautiful is to get to that point, it’s something everyone would want to do. But we are blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel we haven’t even reached.

You would drop out of college to create the business, but would you be capable of going through the ups and downs, mostly downs of being an entrepreneur?

Would you hold yourself accountable for every decision you make regarding your business?

Would you be able to become a leader to inspire your employees? To take care of their needs?

Would you be able to invest thousands of dollars and not have any expectation of getting any profit back?

It’s not that I don’t want you to try becoming an entrepreneur, I want you to realize that this is not as easy as many people tell.

No matter how hard you stress about it, not everyone can withstand it.

Losing your inner-self

The cost of exposing yourself to this environment of “hard-working entrepreneurs” is a high one.

Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but one day you’ll see it.

Your obsession with not being average is not healthy. You believe it so hard that you have to achieve something great to not be average.

This will only lead to the loss of your inner self. Your true vision and purpose are blurred, unclear because you tricked yourself into believing that you have to be the next Steve Jobs.

You lose track of who you truly are because you literally brainwashed yourself.

The more you focus on not being average, the more likely you’ll be average. You’ll be confused and frustrated as for why you still haven’t achieved something great.

But most of the times, that “something great” is influenced by others.

We are humans. What I think is considered greatness it’s not the same for you.

You can’t literally copy someone else’s idea of greatness or their goals just because you think doing that will make you above average.

What is actually average?

Average income, average happiness, average relationship.

Average just means that it’s mediocre, you do something just to get it done. Nothing additional.

You wake up and until you go to sleep, you do the same shit for the rest of your life. Same routine, same people, same environment, nothing changes.

You live in your comfort zone and so you become average.

Is that it? Is that the definition of average?

You go through school, college, get a job, get married and work until you retire and then die?

Or is this the definition of average?

Maybe you can still do all this and not be average. It’s all about perspective. It’s the way you perceive where you are at that point in life.

If I start comparing myself to others, I could start by saying that I’m average. But then again, if I compare myself to others that don’t do half of what I do or achieve anything close to what I have achieved, are they average?

You can’t and you mustn’t ever compare yourself to anyone but yourself.

You are the one who defines what average is, what above and beyond average is and what meaning does greatness has in your life.

Think. Do
Think. Do
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