Or Man’s Ideas VS. Women’s Reality


It should only take an hour to clean the house.


( My reality anyway…)

An hour to prepare for actual cleaning. Tidying up, putting stuff away in various rooms, getting sidetracked by other messes…

By the time one stars to actually clean, it may be time to get kid(s) from school,and then think about dinner…

“If you haven’t done the dishes yet, that’s yet another task to undertake. I do have a dishwasher, but I’ve disconnected it. It’s hard to rationalize using it for so few dishes. We are but creatures of habit and we like our “special bowl/plate”, and because of that, I need to wash just those select dishes repeatedly…

Plus I’ll tell you a little secret…shhhh…. I have a wild imagination, which is no secret, but when I think of using the dishwasher, I’m afraid it will leak and the water will somehow get into the plugs and short out the electrical for the house. And then we’ll be in the dark, and it will be my fault.

We’ll have to get the whole house rewired… Maybe I should get Mike Holmes to allay my fears? But that would cost a pretty penny.


Cooking Dinner is supposed to be a joy, since it provides nutrition for your family. 


I really can’t stand cooking. I like baking more, but I like to be alone when doing so, and that isn’t really an option….so…. icks-nay on the aking bray, and ooking-cray… yeah…I know gag me!


The house should be cleaned once a week….


Shoot me now… please!

Yes, I’m very well aware that my house could definitely use a thorough cleaning more often than it gets. I do try to keep things under control…

I am just not going to bust my ass for a few moments of glory, when I know that inevitably, there will be something spilled, or dirt and leaves tracked over my clean floor. Rice or some other messy food spilled all over…

Everything that I just cleaned will have seemingly been for naught. But I realize this thinking does not help…

Laundry will always need to be done

Food is a vital part of our existence.

Cleanliness is important, of course.

I wonder if they have robots like in the Jetson’s? I reckon I could go for that!

I need to wrap this up… I should actually be cleaning right now. I have a lot of work to do in preparation for my son’s birthday party tomorrow…

If you don’t hear from me in the next day or two? Just send a search party to: 

1234 Going Bat Shit Crazy Avenue on Never a Moment To Rest Street in Crazyville, Canada!

( This is all in jest of course! My family is incredibly understanding when I don’t feel well.)

Avid reader, hopeful author. A mom who loves nature and animals. Visit Robin on Medium.
Avid reader, hopeful author. A mom who loves nature and animals. Visit Robin on Medium.
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