You have to write? Writing is the one thing you ever wanted to do. You opened your laptop, you took in your hand the pen and paper, but wait! You feel like you have no story to tell?

Maybe your last piece is already finished and you have no Idea what to write next, or you sticking on a point in your writing and don’t know what should come as next. Maybe, just maybe you got a writer’s block.

I’ve written about it here on medium lately, I give you some advice on how to move on and how to build your confidence.

Here I don’t want to repeat myself. No, here I come with a simple quick advice and a bit of Inspiration.

It happens to me now and then. I sit behind the keyboard and simply doesn’t know what I should be writing about. Sometimes I just need a quick break from the story I am working on. Sometimes I need the little sparkle of inspiration to catch on fire. However, what I know is, I’ve to stay in the game. I know if I give up my writing routine, for a day or two, it would be hard for me to get back in the settle again. So I use a little trick.

I use writing prompts. What’s the deal with it? The writing prompt a brief passage of text (sometimes just a word or two), that provides a potential Idea or starting point for your Story.

It set your mind off on a journey that sparkles your creative energy.

Hold a moment, till you start screaming on your screen, I know some of you, maybe even the vast majority are familiar with the concept of writing prompts, there is one more thing to it.
I have had a chat lately with some friends fellow writers and they pick up one problem with the writing prompts. They simply need more than a few words to inspire them. A word is not necessary an Idea. At least not for them. I would be honest, sometimes I also need a bit more than a word or short sentence. Sometimes I need more than a spark. I need a lighting to hit me, to burn the empty page in the flame of words.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

I have a little trick for those moments. I use to write short reads. Fifty words usually. I do it every day. In those fifty words, I try to capture a moment, a feeling or even a story. After I’ve done it, it usually lands in my notebook or sometimes I publish it here on medium. And that’s it. At least for the moment. It is here for me, waiting for the moment when I don’t have any ideas or inspiration. In this moments I look back at those fifty words and let them hit me. Yes, it’s that simple and it works pretty well for me. I am sure it can work for you as well. I am sure it would provide you the inspiration in the moments of need.

Just, you get Idea, I would share some of them here, and you can feel free to use them as inspiration for your next story.

Black, brown, flat, high, casual, and some which her grandma called “whoring boots“. All these and more on the shelf. Shoes and boots together, a woman’s holy relics. But not one pair suited her purpose tonight. For that she needed seven-mile boots, to go far away. From here, from him.

Coffee and cigarette are all that we have. Back then we were lovers, we were friends. But that is over and now we are strangers to one another. You used to be mine and I used to be yours. We had endless time. Now we have just the one hour.

November cold run through his bones. The sun draw ellipse on the sky and vent down to the sleep behind the horizon, while he has been waiting. One hour. Two. Delay maybe. He was about to freeze. Maybe she would not come. Those thoughts, ware colder, as the icy wind.

I hope it helps you to in those dark moments to find inspiration, move on, and persuade your writing.

Do you have any tips and tricks on how to find the inspiration, please share them in the comments. You can share your short writing as well and provide the inspiration to others.

Keep writing.

Born in Slowakei. Moved to Germany and continued to write. Find Matti on Medium.
Born in Slowakei. Moved to Germany and continued to write. Find Matti on Medium.
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