How imperfect I am!

Though I’m imperfect and flawed, I am still beautiful.

I can still run three miles without stopping and have a productive workout in the gym but I’m losing my hair and my skin tone.

I drive an old car with nearly a quarter of a million miles on it. Maybe a new car next year. It reflects how I feel on many days!

I am tired too much of the time; overwhelmed from time to time. I’m not a perfectionist — good thing because I would be driving myself crazy right about now!!

I am human.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). I know that who I am is not who I appear to be. All that I am is housed inside this body that is flawed and imperfect. I can only change my body to a limited degree but I can be the man I need to be.

What really matters is not how I look but who I am. I am someone who loves people. I am someone who wants to help people have a fulfilling life. I have been blessed with a family and too many friends to count. I have been able to touch lives for many years now. I cannot fathom the impact I have made. I know I have failed to do as much as I could have but I am constantly amazed at the response I get from people I haven’t seen in decades about how they have been touched by my life.

I am not special. I imagine that everyone who reads this has probably touched and encouraged many more people than they know. I want to be true to my calling. I want to always be an encourager and helper. I want to share the benefit of my experiences — my successes and my failures.

I am special. Just as everyone is special. I am loved by God just as everyone is loved by God. I am precious in his sight. You are precious in his sight.

Today, remember that you are loved. Imperfect, flawed and beautiful is what I am. Imperfect, flawed and beautiful is what you are.

Imperfections are okay.

Let the beauty shine through!!