Those Who Choose to Dream – and Chase Crazy Ideas

Many people struggle between feeling obligated to look and act like the people that surround them and their inner voice that begs that they strive for and become more. Maybe they just need more crazy ideas.

Those who are meant to lead and hold powerful visions are bogged down by the calls for normality, reality and the secure by those who are meant to build behind the leader and maintain the status quo.

What a terrible tragedy it is when the leader’s inner voice is silenced. Many things are responsible for the muffling and eventual suffocation of that voice.

We all witness these deadly tools work their way into someone’s core and silence the inner voice:

  1. Fear of criticism from being different.
  2. Fear of the unknown that comes with choosing to diverge from your surroundings.
  3. And the worst of all, a self-deprecating misconception that bigger dreams come from arrogant entitlement.

The voice that tells you that you don’t deserve it.

Fear can be overcome. Facing down fear is heroic. Overcoming fear is admirable and worthy of praise!

Defeating the voice that says you are not enough is far more difficult. The twisted feeling that you do not deserve to create the bigger dream that burns inside you is a deadly tool of destruction. It eats away silently and yet raging all at once.

Without facing the voice (by acknowledging that it is a devious trick meant to cheat you of your potential), nothing can be done but subsist and persist in a life that is not your own.

Photo by Joe Leahy on Unsplash

Acting like you’re happy when you’re dying inside.

There are a lot of different types of people in this world.

When someone dreams and struggles to build a life outside the traditional bounds set by most of society, that does not mean they are entitled or misdirected.

When someone desires nothing more than to double down on what is directly in front of them and build a more easily understood life, that does not mean they are brainwashed or cowardly.

Different types of people exist. Accept it.

Accept that…

  • some will lead and some will follow;
  • some will build and some will inhabit;
  • some will forge their own trail and some will take a path more travelled.

There is nothing inherently wrong with any one outcome.

The problem arises when you live contrary to the outcome your inner voice strives for.

The problem is when you take everyone else’s word as truth regarding what you SHOULD do/be and forget to check your own voice for what you MUST be. (Shoutout to elle luna for the wonderful book, Crossroads of Should and Must)

When your ideas are bigger than they can stand.

Run with it.

The whole point of accepting that there MUST be leaders and there MUST be followers is to enable you to act on your own ideas.

Instead of falling into place and bottling up your ‘crazy’ aspirations, believe that they have a place in this world and begin to build toward them.

Those who are meant to lead will feel the urge and desire to build their vision and forge ahead. Those who are meant to follow will not understand those urges and will maintain a secure position until the path ahead is made clear.

Listening to the right voices.

There will always be those who gravitate toward security. Their voices are wonderfully consistent.

For the follower, their calls for security and the predictable and clear pathway are reassuring and helpful.
For the leader, the visionary, the one who asks why, their voices are consistently restraining and erosive.

Each of us must understand which voices speak to who we are and therefore which voices to adhere to.

More importantly, we must understand that some voices will speak strongly against who you feel you are and what you want to build with your life. Without understanding where the voices are founded (the life of a follower or the life of a leader) it is impossible to decide what is criticism and what is sound feedback.

The path of a leader.

There are countless people who want to tell you all the ways you are wrong.

Your ideas are too big. Your thoughts are unrealistic. Your goals are arrogant. Your head is in the clouds and you need to bring it back down before you hurt yourself.

Yet, you know, deep down that what you want is right somehow.

Cling to that.

Cling to it and understand that those who criticize your ideas are only doing what seems right from their perspective.

Never let the voices of those who do not belong with their heads in the clouds to hold you back from what you are truly meant to be. How can you expect to discover your purpose without ever hearing out that small inner voice.

Go build your life. Build a life of meaning and when you find an answer, reach back and help someone else who has just begun their journey of searching for who they are.

Jeremiah writes as a means of daily growth. It is part of my daily journey to seek out ways to leave my comfort zone and find growth! Visit Jeremiah on Medium.
Jeremiah writes as a means of daily growth. It is part of my daily journey to seek out ways to leave my comfort zone and find growth! Visit Jeremiah on Medium.
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