One of the best parts of working as a designer is I get the privilege to be involved with amazing inspiring people and bring their ideas into vision.

Such an example was my lovely friend Katya Georgieva and her project Touch with Good/ kindness (originally in Bulgarian: Докосни с добро). The project is dedicated to sharing the stories of genuine acts of kindness we have experienced from other people, and thus inspiring for MORE kindness in the world and making it a better place.

She got inspiration from the wisdom:

When you do kindness, keep silent. When you receive kindness — tell everyone.

With the new year 2018, Katya started a viral challenge to share such stories 20 days in a row, and somehow… I got “infected”.

So here is my Day 7 of the Touch with Good challenge.

At the end of our high school preparatory language year we had to complete an oral and a written exam in English. The oral exam included teamwork. We had to collaborate in groups to prepare conversations on various topics, memorize them, and play the appointed one at the very exam. Two people were too few, 3 were the optimal count, and 4 were still fine but the task would be more complex.

From the very beginning of the year we had formed groups within the class and ours consisted of 4 girls. By default I expected us to be together, although it was a greater challenge than the “optimal” option. However, when the time approached and there were only a couple of weeks left before the exam, it turned out my girlfriends’ plans differed and… they did not include me.

When I received the “Annunciation”, it came to me as a shock. My eyes widened within the split of a second, but the only thing I said was:


Not even the slightest thought of talking it over with them did pass through my mind. It was out of the question. My pride was too big, and my feelings were hurt. I felt deceived, betrayed, disgraced and used (yeah, I know, I know!). The class had already split in groups and there was nobody I could join. I could somehow manage on my own.

The day after, following my mom’s advice, I approached our teacher to find out whether it was possible to have my conversation with the examiners themselves. I was certain of my level and I could address whatever topic I was given.

But instead she came up with a most unexpected suggestion:

“Katherina and Iva are currently just the two of them. Why don’t you go and ask if they would agree to have you in the group?”

The idea confused me, for we hadn’t been particularly close during the preceding year. They were nice girls but getting prepared for the exam together… I didn’t know if they would agree. I was afraid of yet another rejection. But whatever. There was nothing to lose.

I went and asked them. To my huge amazement, they accepted! Within a couple of weeks, we developed and prepared all conversations and took them with honours. After the exam, Iva and I preserved close relations until our roads parted. Up to this day, I am beyond grateful to her and Katya for showing understanding and solidarity in a moment of difficulty.

As for the other girls,… well, they also grew up. So did I. After the awkward event it took some time for the offense to pass and for the wounds to heal but eventually our friendship was renewed and it is all good already.

We just had to pass through all this to have all valuable lessons and become the ones we are today… ❤

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A creative fascinated with the journey behind the scenes and what it takes to be a successful creative
A creative fascinated with the journey behind the scenes and what it takes to be a successful creative

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