So this is my introduction. It’s me, Rowen Smith. I am quite a cool guy from Cape Town and I do have an opinion and also a sense of humor and also an attitude. I do swear a lot, so sometimes I’m gonna swear and I hope you’re cool with that… but tonight. I’ll keep it clean… and concise. #NOT

I found my spirit in Durban, but that’s another story for another lonely Friday night in Cape Town. 

Where do we Start?

When I first decided to wrote for you this evening, I thought to myself. Why not just take extracts from all my best pieces and try and promote my life as a filmmaker and photographer in Cape Town, but then it occurred to me that I might, just might…have something great to share with you this evening.

This is my home…. A home where music gives me more bliss than any drizzling summer’s night in the city.

So who’s this guy?

There are a few things that I am in this world, and a few things that I’m not, and there are also a few things I would have actually liked to do also. Like being a rock-star. Honestly speaking, I’m not that great with my guitar, and I probably won’t ever be one of the greatest…

but I do remember when my primary school teacher asked me what I wanted to become when I grow up…

Anton Lembede Street, Durban | Crush Night Club, Ballito | Durban Promenade…

A Singer I said. A singer Miss, a Singer!

Maybe all I really wanted was to say something you know, just for the kicks of it. You see I grew up in a town of mine-heaps and broken dreams and most times I would wander off in my own head and imagine how my life was a Punk Rock 90’s MTV Music Video. I would listen to my thoughts and speak to myself a lot. I remember now.

Now in my late twenties, I find myself in a world where most of us are lost inside our own heads and none of us really listen to the world anymore. You know…

How long must I wait ?…How much more must I take? Just trust in the good times…

Last year I lived in Ballito, this was my office view, where I used to rock out with my guitar out… “I know what you’re thinking”… 🙂 

We forget that the World has a sound. A pace. A rhythm, We all do. We move. We dance. We go around with a groove that takes us through life…hoping that our sound syncs up with that of another…

You probably think this song is about you! I bet you think the song is about you!

It’s Ironic because we are all so caught up listening to our own song aren’t we?

 Burg Street, Cape Town 2016

So to close it off, I want you to know that I care about you reading if you are hot and over 18… Just Kidding. What I’m really saying is….

Let’s Kick it.

Hit me up on Soundcloud. #Rowen-Smith. 
Durban Promenade | 215

Rowen’s Bio: To all the readers and writers out there. This is my first piece. I hope to share a lot of new experiences and some old forgotten memories.

Last Words: Let’s keep em comin’!…

Visit Rowen at

Hello, my name is Rowen Smith. I am a 28 year old filmmaker, photographer & writer from Cape Town, South Africa. Visit Rowen at
Hello, my name is Rowen Smith. I am a 28 year old filmmaker, photographer & writer from Cape Town, South Africa. Visit Rowen at

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