A Productive Way of Life

In the early stages of running my business, I was someone who struggled with working. Procrastination was a common theme for me and I also succumbed easily to distractions. For several years that was my life where I did minimal work and inching ever so slightly towards my overall goals.

It wasn’t until summer 2017 that things started to change drastically and I became more productive. By all means the two and a half years before that I was learning about myself.

But I was also fooling myself.

I Needed To Get Off My Ass

I’m sure we all have these moments in our lives. Whether we are in a typical cycle of work, eat, sleep or we do manage to have a business but we neglect it so much. It’s incredibly easy to forgo particular things in our lives when we feel comfortable.

But it’s this particular kind of comfort that can be troubling. It’s the type of comfort that could keep me living in my parent’s place for decades.

It’s the type of comfort where you will continue to work at that job you don’t like and never amount to anything fulfilling.

It’s a devastating comfort. And I’m not going to have it.

And I’m sure people who are reading this aren’t going to have it either.

We Can Be Great

Just like with any child, we are meant to shine and stand out in our own way. By all means, we are all people here, but our own abilities and talents are what make us different. To be comfortable is to shrink ourselves into whatever peg we desire. One that makes us feel safe.

But the thing is, we aren’t meant to fit into particular pegs of life. We are our own unique shape initially. To continue to develop that is to simply get off your ass and do something with your life.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy, in fact, to slip out of comfort is a difficult thing. I’m still struggling with losing weight and adjusting my mindset around that.

But I’m aware of the problems and I’m aware of what works for me. I know that because I got off my ass and exercised and started to eat differently.

Our Goals Are In Reach When We Try

The more times you slip out of your comfort zone, the more you learn and grow. In a sense, our body craves that sort of shift when you think about it. Our ancestors were hunters, they were always doing something, so it’s natural for us to be always doing something as well.

It’s natural for us to be participating in some kind of activity. Not to be idle. It’s where boredom seeps into us all. It can be potentially the reason why so many people on average watch over 500 Youtube videos a year. They want to be entertained, yet they will not take action.

But when you have a direction and some goals in mind and how to approach it, things get easier. You know what you can do to get off your ass, it’s from there where you will begin to shift your thinking. Our goals and dreams are certainly possible when we give an honest effort.

Try This

Simple. Get off your ass and do something. We are all meant to shine brightly and I will continue to do that in all of my imperfection. After all, that is what I want to do. To serve others.

To your growth!

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