When making any moral decision we must always take cognisance of the consequences our decisions will bring.

For years they have been a long battle on both sides of the abortion war some believe that a mother has a right to choose whether to give birth, the others believe that abortion is murder.

Before we go further I have a question to ask you.

What is the most precious thing to God?

Well, if you don’t know let me tell you.

The most precious thing to God is his son Jesus, and where did God put his most precious possession?

In a Womb.

When Jesus decided to come to this world to die for us, did not send him in the form of a Grown Man to die for our sins?

No, he put him the Womb of a Human being.

That itself says a lot about abortion if God could entrust the life of his son at such a vulnerable stage to the Human Womb, then committing an abortion is like going into a safe Zone prepared by God and ransacking the thing he loves the most.

It is not a matter of whether it is done in the first or third trimester

God also created the womb to be a place from where he would bring people into this world, committing abortion is robbing God of a potential worshipper.

If there is anything that should grieve us about abortion it should be that Christ has been robbed of his glory.

Image By Janko Ferlic

We all want children to have a life. But more than that we want them to have a life in Christ, which he came to offer by entering this world in the womb of a virgin.

The issue of choice goes beyond that of the woman, the baby has a choice too, and I am yet to believe that any child would want to die in the womb.

When it comes to abortion, some people think that Men has no right to speak as they are not the ones who carry the pregnancy.

But moral duty is not an arbitrary social construct but based on God commands and character.

The Judgement of this issue should not be based on whether we are Male or Female.

If abortion qualifies as murder, then both Men and Women have a responsibility to oppose it.

Even without taking any Biblical reference, there are seven reasons why men have the right to speak up about abortion.

Image By Zach Vessels

Seven Reasons Why Men Have A Say Too

Firstly, every Man bears a significant part of the responsibility for creating an abortion culture, most abortion is committed due to negligent fathers, these men should repent and also show the fruit of repentance by opposing abortion.

Secondly, all men were once in the womb, they were once potential victims of abortion and many many abortion victims are male.

Thirdly, every aborted child has a father, the child that is about to be aborted is not an isolated unit, and was not conceived by a unisex mother, but a fruit of both the father and mother, so the males should have some say on what happens.

Fourthly, Men are part of a society that is being deprived annually of hundreds of thousands of people.

No human life exists in a vacuum, we are all beings in relationship with one another.

Lastly, The possessions of a uterus have nothing to do with making moral judgements, the objection that Men has no Uterus is completely arbitrary,

How does having a Uterus affect one’s ability to make a valid moral judgement?

We all know that part of masculinity is speaking up for the vulnerable, no part of the Human community is currently as vulnerable as those still in the womb.

Common sense calls for their protection from any who are able and this includes men.

I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
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