In a world filled turmoil and strife, we are all looking for some good news.

When the television is filled with negativity, we find ourselves spiraling into a dark place in our soul. Our social media feeds are overloaded with news that causes fear and trepidation amongst all of us.


We need something that will bring us hope and joy.

We need Christmas.

As lights are going up, trees are being placed in windows around the world, and presents are being wrapped for the people we care about, it ignites of sense of pleasure for the season.

When all seems grim and bleak, we can rest in Christmas.

The story of a baby coming into the world to bring peace and love for all of mankind. The truth of a Savior rescuing us from death. An amazing grace being revealed in an infant.


This is why we grasp for Christmas.

The world is dark and this baby brought light.

The fear we experience can be pushed aside as we gather with family and gaze into the eyes of children as they are in awe of the magic found under wrapping paper.

Even in our pain, we can feel it subside as we reflect on the everlasting love of an infant King, born into humble circumstances to unveil the grace and mercy of our Creator.


This is Christmas.

We need to grasp for something during these dark times, and the best thing to reach for is the Light of the World.

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