The road to success isn’t always an easy one — in fact, it’s never easy. There are ups and downs. Twists and turns. Huge crevices to jump and seemingly impossible walls to be climbed. It’s almost like something from an Indiana Jones movie. 

There is always something trying to pull us away from the things we desire. Trying to catch our attention and divert us of course on the road to our success. 

Distraction №1

Navigating through this tough terrain is no easy feat but sometimes even harder than that is actually staying on the path. It is so easy to lose focus on your goals and become sidetracked. 

To have your attention pulled this way and that by ideas that you think will aid you in reaching the top. Things that the people who have already ‘made it’ have done and that you are not doing.

Like setting up three different social media profiles to promote your work. Writing a separate blog to promote the work you are doing on your first blog which is then linked to your social media and so on. All of which diverts you from doing what you should be in order to achieve your targets. 

If this sounds familiar don’t be embarrassed. It is something that we have all done and will no doubt do again in the near future. And while it is good to keep your options open and try new things it’s even more important to stay focused on the goal and doing what is actually going to get you there, not what might. 

Distraction №2

Procrastination/laziness. This is the one that has grabbed a hold of me lately. And while it isn’t so much a distraction, it’s still an obstacle in the way of our success.

When you know what you need to do and you really want to do it but there is an invisible force — some sort of witchcraft perhaps — holding you back. Stopping you from making progress. From getting to that next level. 

This is a force that has plagued me in almost everything I have ever done and no doubt I’m not the only one. 

So far I can’t figure out a reason why procrastination kicks in just as you are making traction and seeing some success in what you are trying to achieve. Self-sabotage maybe? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, it is a slippery slope to climb. 

Sometimes you can fall into this habit unknowingly. You may treat yourself to one day off of working towards your goals now and again — you deserve it after all that hard work you’ve been doing lately. Soon these days become more frequent. Maybe you decide to stop working weekends. Then before you know it you have become stagnant with only a list of excuses to show for your efforts. 

“How the hell did it come to this? I was making such great progress. Maybe I’ll never have the life I dream of” are just some of the damning thoughts that then plague your mind. 

So, what’s next? Are you going to just accept that you got lazy and give up? Or are you going to make some much-needed changes and get back on track? 

Getting Back on Track

Taking charge and returning to winning ways is a simple task but not always easy to execute. 

The size of the challenge is all dependent on how quickly you noticed the bad habits that had sneaked into your daily routines and how much you really want to succeed. 

There are people who say they want to achieve particular goals because it sounds cool or it’s what they think they want — speaking from experience here — but deep down they know it’s not really what they desire their life to be and that’s fine. You have to be honest with yourself about what you wish to achieve then set off on the correct path towards it — follow the yellow brick road. 

Once you have decided exactly what it is that you desire it’s time to get down to business. 

I hate to use this word as I feel it has a negative feeling, but, you’re going to have to get disciplined. 

There are going to be times when you want to slip into your old ways. This is when you have to say NO! and immediately get back to doing something productive. Build those good habits up again. 

And that’s all this really is, building good habits. Once you have gotten yourself into a positive routine again things become a lot easier. Working towards your goals becomes fun again. And when you’re having fun it doesn’t feel like work. 

Set yourself a new plan of attack. A realistic one. An achievable blueprint. Something you know you can stick to. Keep it simple at the beginning and as it becomes easier to follow then perhaps adjust and tweak it a little, but not too much, simplicity is key in any plan. 

We all know what to do to in order to achieve our goals but sometimes it just takes that little extra push to get things done. 

Let’s make a conscious decision today to do what is needed. To not slip back into those bad habits and to stay focused on the target. There will be plenty of time to relax once you have made it. 

Now is the time to work. 

I write about everyday life. Things that I come across and that spark my interest. My aim is to learn something from every life experience and maybe even inspire the people who read my work.
I write about everyday life. Things that I come across and that spark my interest. My aim is to learn something from every life experience and maybe even inspire the people who read my work.
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