Too many activities and people, and things. Too many worthy activities, valuable things, and interesting people. For it is not merely the trivial which clutters our lives, but the important as well. We can have a surfeit of treasures – an excess of shells, where one or two would be significant.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

“Mommy, Sit. Just Breathe. Just Be,” instructed my seven-year-old, “breathe, like this… now, begin imagining your body as a clear ball of white light.”

Wow, right! I know. I was mesmerized by the words that poured out of my child’s mouth. In the Catholic school my kids attended, they were introduced to the art of meditation. He was a new second grader then when he showed me how to breathe and his words set me in a personal pursuit to learn to do it, like him.

It took me many, many tries. I fell asleep countless times trying but through perseverance, I learned to call forth that light and I learned how to tap into that awareness.

Today I want to help you tap into that light and I will quote to you from the very book I read to get me to learn.

“Awakening to the Sacred. Creating a Spiritual Life from Scratch” —

by Lama Surya Das.

Just Sit. Just Breathe. Just Be.

Now, begin the visualization process imagining yourself and your body as a clear, luminous, sphere of white light.

Envision a golden sun at the heart center; warm, radiant, splendid.

Breathing in and out through the heart center, imagine this inner spiritual sun opening up like a golden sunflower, petal by petal.

With each breath you take, the flower opens a little more, radiating outward;

warming up your heart, then your entire body, and then your whole Being.

Light rays reach out to all; touching all, blessing all, illuminating all.

Warming up and illuminating all who wander like sleepwalkers through the darkness of ignorance and delusion, awakening the clear light of spiritual awareness and joy like a blessed, blissful dawn throughout the world.

Then let go and just rest in the empty, open luminous afterglow of this great awakening, in your natural state of authentic presence, pure Being.

Just simply being, enjoying the joy and peace of meditation.

Please don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it on your first dozen tries. It will come. Just set the time aside and be receptive. It’s yours; keep practicing.

Selma is a retired Fifty-something enthusiast of positive thinking. She’s a long time resident of Japan. Visit Selma at
Selma is a retired Fifty-something enthusiast of positive thinking. She’s a long time resident of Japan. Visit Selma at

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