It’s hard to be told what to do so often. Even worse the ‘what-you-should-have-done’ when it is too late.

Thankfully, we older folks have the special glass called ‘hindsight’. We can use the magnifying glass of sorts to help us out.

You have to watch the glass though, it tends to go all rosy on you if you aren’t careful.

Hope for the present wilts into resignation in a hurry and fogs it up.

Hindsight makes faith seem more solid, like a sure thing. Oh, but it wasn’t. It is really hard. It is just the basics:

God loves us and cares for his own and will reward those that seek Him!

Now it seems so normal to have taken Him at His word. It was anything but ‘normal’.

Our job as oldsters is telling the hindsight stories. He heard, He answered, He proved His care even when I did not know all the elements in play.

It finally all came out as ‘WOW’!

It usually started as ‘OUCH’!

Those days were filled with their own misery, also easy enough to forget. Everything could have been lost.

But it wasn’t. By faith the steps were taken, He provided the rest.

One of those children walking after a loving father was and is me. When the going got really rough, I got carried for a while. Reactions to all that learning on my side is what I have come away with. That can be passed on.

Hindsight is a bit of a rear view mirror at times. Only having part of the picture can get you in a heap of trouble when you back into something. The new type of electronics can beep at you all day but if you choose to ignore the warnings, the rear end of the vehicle will need a new fix. Being deaf is no excuse…

You can’t trust it to get you home either. Going forwards needs a nice big windscreen with nothing blocking the view. Hitting giant trees in front of you while looking back at the past carries its own embarrassment and real danger for the oldsters, not to mention anybody on their path to the shops.

And then comes the greatest dilemma of how to pass on all this great hindsight at its best.

It’s hard to be told what to do. Even worse the ‘what-you-should-have-done’ when it is too late.

We definitely need to be avid story-tellers and not story-preachers or teachers to those dear listeners round about.

Hindsight does not always carry the best of examples of that gift in our personal life of old….but it is never too late to learn! Especially when feeling particularly ‘preachy’ at our dear young ones.

Our past is full of our own futures, fulfilled.

 Oh for the gift of sharing the important stories in a way our young ones will savor until they get their own hindsight glass to admire life through!


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More years in Poland than home in Texas. English teacher while here. Lover of Christ from the 70’s! Visit Rhonda at AdoringHimInNature.
More years in Poland than home in Texas. English teacher while here. Lover of Christ from the 70’s! Visit Rhonda at AdoringHimInNature.

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