Be aware: Make sure that this isn’t happening to you or your children

Sometimes I can’t believe I painted something that others actually clapped for or and better yet paid for!

Someone bought 3 paintings for their stairway. 

But that is what’s happening. It’s crazy because it’s all God.

God can take you wherever He desires. If you let Him and trust Him.

Years ago didn’t think I could draw or paint. It started in grade 3. Yes as far back as grade 3.

The Art Class

I remember being in a class where we were doing pottery — I believe it was using asbestos. Yes, you read that correctly.

I had made an ashtray. Yes, you read that correctly too. It was just a bowl shape. We were to paint designs inside. So I worked hard at making a design.

My art teacher came along (We had real art teachers back then). She took my ashtray in her hand and looked at the design and said, “Oh no, that won’t do.” And she swirled all the colours around inside. Then she said, “That’s better.”

Defeated. I didn’t make that ashtray. She changed it to suit her taste.
It wasn’t my work. She took my creation and changed it.

My design swished away with one brush of her hand. Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Grade Nine Art

But it didn’t deter me as I decided in grade nine to take art as an option. Being a very intent and industrious student I wanted all good grades. I worked hard in my art class. I remember making a house design. I liked it. I remember creating patterns. I liked those too. But when the final marks came in — a dismal 68%. I can’t do art, I said to myself. Dropped that course quickly.

Maybe I can draw?

But God had a different idea. My sister-in-law is 10 years younger than I am. For a summer job as a teen ,I was a playground supervisor. At that point in time ,I didn’t know she would be my sister-in-law but her family had come to the lodge where I worked (and so did my hubby — different story). We became buddies. She asked me to draw a picture of Cinderella from a storybook. I did. She loved it and kept it for a long time.

An opportunity — maybe?

That made my heart sing. And the question lingered, could I be an artist?

You can see that it doesn’t take much to discourage someone and it doesn’t take much to encourage someone.

Let’s be encouragers. 

Is there a safe place to practice art?

Let’s make a place where all people feel comfortable in expressing themselves through art.

I’m working on that. The plans haven’t fully come together. But I started with a Facebook Page called Artists and Writers Grow Through God’s Word. It is a safe place to explore both God and art.

I am praying for other ideas. But I would encourage you. You can draw — you just need encouragement.

“We just become scared of being creative, of failing, of making mistakes.” ~ Pragy Agarwal

Don’t be afraid. Nothing is going to happen. Take a bold step and try.

Follower of Jesus, writer, artist, podcaster. Author/illustrator of Tadeo Turtle & The Kingdom of Thrim. Illustrator of Remember The Seasons. Writes at
Follower of Jesus, writer, artist, podcaster. Author/illustrator of Tadeo Turtle & The Kingdom of Thrim. Illustrator of Remember The Seasons. Writes at

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