Have you ever watched someone dance without music?

As I was sitting in my car outside the ballet studio where my daughters were taking lessons, I could see little girls leaping and twirling as I watched through the enormous windows.

The graceful movement of the dancers was very impressive.

As I made my way to the door and opened it, the music filled my ears and made sense of the movements. I found myself powerfully swept away and emotionally moved.

It was a completely different experience with the driving beauty of the music.

Inner Joy is the Fuel for Happiness

I think life is like that for us when we have “lost our music” or lost the inner joy that motivates and fuels our actions.

We are doing all the right movements, making all the right decisions, but somehow we don’t feel like we think we should feel.

Your job could actually be music and you could be doing it without your “music”.

So what does it even mean to find “your music”? Is it leaving everything behind and following some great passion. Maybe, but I don’t think so.

Finding your “music” or happiness means that you find the strength, peace, and significance internally and allow that to be the fuel for all of your thoughts and actions.

We are Doing it Backward

We want our actions and effort to give us joy and significance. They can’t.

There are many wise tips, and plenty of great practical advice that exists regarding happiness, but applying those things to your life without getting your heart right will even make those “happiness chores” seem laborious.

Find Your “Why”; Find Your Music

Many success gurus use this in the context of finding financial or social success, but I am using it in a broader context. 

What is the motivation for your actions? Who and what are you when nobody is looking? What is your “Why”?

An Excellent Illustration

A few years ago, I watched a reality show where they took a bunch of people and made them survive in impossible conditions, etc. The group consisted of many different types of people from various socioeconomic circles.

One of the contestants was a savvy businesswoman who was driven, direct, and decisive. Another that stood out to me after a few shows was a bus driver from a big city. This woman was always quietly out doing things to get ahead of physical needs, thinking of others, and making use of resources that were readily available. She was not involved in arguments or decisions much. She was just busy and almost seemed happy in her work.

My husband and I bet on who we thought would make it to the end. He guessed the successful, driven woman. I guessed the invisible bus driver. I was right.

The successful woman was driven by performance for the purpose of impressing. The bus driver was driven by her inner strength. I knew that when the successful woman was removed from her environment, her perceived strength would melt away and reveal a weak inner strength. Her “Why” no longer existed after a few weeks in a primitive setting.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
― Tagore

Our Inner “Why” Must be the main motivator of our actions. There is nothing wrong with being motivated by expectations or competition, but if that is all you have, you will certainly feel empty and unmotivated when the lights and cameras go home.

This is probably the biggest reason that many people, especially celebrities have such a struggle with drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

That external rush, whether you mean for it to or not becomes your “Why” and it becomes your motivation for living and the music that drives you.

It drowns out the internal music that once played in your soul and filled you with joy.

The Secret

The secret to happiness is that you don’t do things to get happy. You do things as a result of your happiness. 

You do them out of the fuel of your deep, inner, joy.

The burden of duty and responsibility become lighter when everything you are, radiates from a source within.

Trying to find lasting joy through external actions is like dancing without music. It is only impressive movements and lacks depth, beauty, or meaning.

It is a joy to live in any circumstance, including the mundane or difficult when there is beautiful music springing forth from the depths of your soul causing you to move.

I hope you find your inner music and turn it way up! 

I am a writer from Texas who enjoys humans.
I am a writer from Texas who enjoys humans.

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