You are a writer. Now you wanna become an author, but you feel bad about yourself and about your writing. One question always pops up in your head: I am good enough?

Well, I was in the same place and now and then I visit it even today. There are times when I was struggling with my insecurity, not just in my writing but, also in my day to day life. I had some shots in my life, which have gone nowhere in the near of the target. My lack of confidence transforms itself into some kind of anxiety. I simply had not to trust in me and my writing. So I became scared. Somewhere down the road it was hard for me even open the laptop. But looked me today, I overcome those feelings and I tell you how.

Step one: Fake it till you make it!

Not, I don’t want you to be fake. I want from you, to train your brain. I want you to become better. Walk tall! Start building your confidence! Talk about your path, as it was a one-way road, you were born to walk. Talk about your writing, without doubts. I know its hard, but you have to put those voices in your head on the side. If you believe in yourself, others would believe in you too. If you not along with behavior like that, no problem. Start with complimenting yourself. I promise it helps.

Step two: Don´t compare yourself with others:

Why are you thinking, it makes any sense to compare yourself with authors like J.K.Rowling or Stephen King. They in the business for years. They have the experience you don’t and that put them an advantage. If you compare yourself with someone like John Grisham, you gonna lose.
It sounds simple, but it really matters. I have done this mistake a lot and I really believe many authors do.
Compare yourself today with yourself from yesterday. Try to be better day by day. Try to write more today, than wrote yesterday. Try to make your new story better than the last one. It will motivate you and you will see success step for step, day by day.

Step three: Find yourself a Cheering squad

Find you a group of supportive people. Find people that care about your writing. Maybe the people you surrounded with, just don’t care about your writing or are good just for criticize every word you write. „Should write it like that,..“, or, „Why you write anyway?“. You don´t have to deal with it. Connect with people on the internet. We are living in a wonderful time. It is much easier to connect with other people sharing your interests. Medium, Twitter and other platforms a full of aspiring writers. You will find there supportive people, which would compliment you and if they give you some critic it would make a good sense.

Step four: Practice

The best way to get more confident in something is getting better at it. There is no way around. There is no point, where you can tell, „I don’t want to improve myself.“.
To become better you have to write and write more. Day by day. You develop a habit. With every written page you become slightly better.
It is nothing else like other things in your life. If you want to master your writing, you have to practice.

There is an Idea, that 10,000 hours of practice can make one an expert in a field — an idea developed by psychologist Anders Ericsson and popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book „Outliers”

I don’t know if you will need more or less than 10,000 hours, but I know with every single hour you would come closer.


There is no rule, how to begin, where to end. Actually, the best way is to do those four steps all at once and not step by step. It will need some time to get used to them, but the results are worthy of it.

I hope you find this useful for you and it helps you to achieve your goal. Meanwhile, keep writing.

Born in Slowakei. Moved to Germany and continued to write. Find Matti on Medium.
Born in Slowakei. Moved to Germany and continued to write. Find Matti on Medium.
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