Share your secrets openly.

“It’s the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It’s also a very clear path to happiness.” — Sheryl Sandberg

You want to create something significant, but, you’re unclear. What to do and how it can be accomplished?

Everyone wants to make a difference in the world and stand out. Everyone wants to prove their capabilities. Unfortunately, very few people actually make it.

The contribution is our primary need. You help and support others because you can’t see people in struggle.

Great business ideas come from pain problems. Some people create an astonishing model or services that genuinely change millions of lives.

How do they do it?

I was listening interview of one entrepreneur. He is the Master Chef in India. He remodeled the health and food industry. I learned some perspectives he shared to change the world with ordinary ideas.

Later I discovered that I am using the same outlook that he accorded. So, I decided to write useful nuggets in this piece.

Changing the world is not something that you can to solve all the problem. Just one idea that reconstructs a specific community is something you should relate to transformation.

Second, everything is not a charity. You’re here to make money. Although income is the by-product. If you focus on the process, the business will expand.

Charity is an excellent idea, but most people want to make money from it, and it’s not bad.

If you’re running an office, you need the money. So, obviously, revenue generation is your priority from any project you take.

The important part is, your aim to help, engage, and support others. Everything will follow.

Share Your Secrets Openly.

If you’re hiding, you won’t make it big. Share your mysteries to the world. If you don’t, someone will. Don’t hold back from what you deeply know.

I thought once that I shouldn’t write excellent ideas in the blog posts for free. Instead, I should publish a book and make money from it. But it turned out a terrible idea. What are the most powerful lessons I learned is to share your darkest secrets to the world?

Every day you learn something new, and you have something to share. Every process evolves with time. The world is continuously changing. So, if you scared of giving your stuff away. You feel insecure.

Insecurity is “losing something.” Instead, be self-sufficient. Share everything to the world. Don’t afraid of being copied.

Learn quick. If your learning speed is faster, no one will outperform you.

If something takes time, resources, and energy than charge for it. For example, Medium is charging small fees for exclusive content. Most people get value from the content. People pay if you really help them.

Everything is reciprocated. If you help to the last step of the process, they’ll definitely give you back. The world’s successful people created transforming processes, and they’re making millions of dollars.

“Your rewards in life are always in direct proportion to your contribution — your service.” — Earl Nightingale

The contribution is sharing your exclusive ideas to the people and inspire to take action.

Invention and innovation are based on contribution need.

Do Things That You Don’t Feel Exhausted After 24 Hours Working.

“Replace your pursuit of success with the pursuit of contribution.” — Peter Drucker

You can’t sustain with surface level purpose. If you want to scale up, you must have absolute maturity.

Why do you want to start this project? What will you get from it? What is your purpose of reaching that point? What impact are you creating in people’s lives? You must have answers before you start.

Do you actually love your work or doing just sake of it? Most people are exerting their work for money, fame, or business. But passion is something different.

Why I am clarifying it because every process requires thousands of failed efforts. And every time your mind questions. You must have a deeper meaning to give the unbiased interpretation.

“Most people set goals to get. There is a better way. Instead, try setting your goals, based on personal growth and contribution to others.” — Eric Worre

Most people just start, and when they fail, they blame on the situation. Eventually, their project lacks a burning desire, an emotional purpose.

You must have an emotional meaning. When you recognize problems within society. You can decide to do something on it.

Money is always a by-product. If you have millions of dollars but if it won’t benefit a single person than it’s wasted.

And if you do work with heart, you don’t need motivation. You don’t need to find YouTube videos that charge you up. You’re not asking your friends to suggest business ideas. You’re obsessed with your project, and you do it because it makes you happy.

It fuels you if only one person takes benefits from it. I am writing on Medium. Some people really feel changed after reading some of my pieces. They gained value from it, and when they assured me that my words turned something, I feel thrilled to hear this.

Your project shouldn’t be influenced only by money, fame, status, or external factors

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” — Tony Robbins

Create Money Making Model.

Money making model is business. Create something genuinely that people can benefit from it.

See, if you’re charging too much and you aren’t providing enough value, that’s unfair. Create something affordable and valuable.

Medium charges $5/month, but it worth it. It’s a viable business. Same as you can build your business for a specific community.

It begins within daily problems you’re facing, and once you start, you’ll discover more.

Everything you don’t understand on the first day. I don’t know what I will be doing with my writing skills. But I know that Medium helps me to generate nice side income. I’ve got a deeper understanding of how to scale up further.

If you’re doing it for charity purpose, that’s good, but you have to manage operational costs. So, focus on business instead of the free model. If you’re transforming someone’s life deeply and you’re charging 10x lesser, you’re doing nothing evil.

If you help someone to transform the relationship from start to happily ever after, if you’re helping someone to start a side hustle from A to Z, if you’re helping to improve health, and you are charging $100 per hour, you’re doing nothing wrong. Because these types of problems take an extra mile to resolve. Everyone needs a coach to improve a relationship, make money, and sustain health.

So, how you can leverage this opportunity and make it profitable for you and for people also?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

No Matter What You Do, People Will Criticize You.

This is must know the secret. No matter what you do, people make critics on your ideas. They can’t grasp deep concepts, so they find it garbage.

No matter how perfect your plan, they’ll find errors.

If you’re making thousands of dollars and helping millions of people, still some of them say negative things about your business. It’s their personality.

You can’t change or strike them. You can only avoid them. Don’t utter a single word. Just leave as it is. Your passion and project are way greater than those shitty comments. If you’re focusing on those things, how you’ll get results?

You don’t have time to waste your energy on unproductive things. So, be clear about what you should do and what’s not.

Engagement Is The Key.

You can’t convince people to read your blog posts or books. You can’t ask them to see your project. Yes, some will, but most people won’t interested in you in the first place. So, the key here is engagement.

Design your project based on engaging purpose only. Research about what they like and what’s not, and generate ideas that they care, not only you care.

Most people want to make something bigger, and they’ve ideas, but the worst thing is, people don’t care about what you like. They care about what they want.

Your project must be a solution and benefit focused. Why people engage with personal stories? Because they relate deeply to someone’s life. That’s engagement.

Engagement and empathy is the number one priority for product creation.

See, if your project is based on problem-solving, you can easily find the engagement loop.

Start From Ground Floor.

The contribution doesn’t define by the size of work. If you transform a specific community, still you’re changing the world. You don’t need someone’s approval.

Second, you don’t need lots of money to start anything. You can start with small. First, don’t spend much, just observe the need. Find the connection between business opportunity and your expectations. Then you can scale it up.

If you want to do something bigger, you must know smaller first. See, success is the process. You can’t get faster. It’s the real world. If you put efforts, people will catch it.

If you know the rules, you can break it.

Success comes from realistic efforts and calculated risks.

I can start my own blog and brand myself, but now it’s not a profitable idea. If I’ve skills, readership, and enough engagements, I can scale this up.

Let’s share.

“Success must include two things: the development of an individual to his utmost potentiality and a contribution of some kind to one’s world.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Now it’s your turn. Most people just want it. They “want” to make a difference but unfortunately, it’s imagination. They don’t have a validated idea and business model.

Take your step. Learn, experiment, and do it. Don’t be that 95% of people.

I decided to write posts in 2016. It took me three years to finally put something on the table. If I started three years ago, guess, where I will be today? Still, I never lost hope, I want to help people to transform their lives.

Don’t wait for anything, you’re okay. People will judge you if you don’t have a single typo.

Success praises result, so, focus on creating, not on thinking. Definitely, one day, magic happens.

If you don’t do it, no one cares. If you’re starting today, few cares. After one month, some cares. But after a year, thousands will care.

If you start after two years, still it takes time, and if you do it today, still it takes the same amount of time.

So, move fast. Others take 10 years, and you can make it within 5 years. That’s the power of deep emotional purpose.

Let’s find your way to leave marks in the hearts of millions.


Passionate Writer, promoter of ‘Love,’ big believer of Positive Psychology and helping you to reach your full potential of self and relationships.
Passionate Writer, promoter of ‘Love,’ big believer of Positive Psychology and helping you to reach your full potential of self and relationships.
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