A simple strategy to handle mental issues that you can easily use at home.

t’s a well-known fact that therapists don’t fix people.

We all think when we go to therapy, our therapist puts us straight. Actually, that isn’t true. A therapist will listen to us. They might suggest things to us, different ways of thinking of issues. But the real work on ourselves is what we do at home. The working things out, the shedding of tears, the drawing of new conclusions. We are the ones that do that.

While working with a therapist is useful, there are some things we can do at home, by ourselves, that will help us with our issues. In this story, I am going to explain some ways we can work on our issues without a therapist.

If you feel you have issues that need addressing, I will give you a tool to help. You can improve your mental health, and the quality of your life, by applying the technique outlined here. You may find it controversial. It’s a little-known secret I discovered in my own quest for better mental health.

Tapping is a fantastic technique that I have been using for about ten years. I have used it to get to the bottom of emotional issues. I have used in conjunction with inner child work. It is a good way to connect with current emotions and to trace them back to their original source. Often our issues stem from incidents in our childhood, and using EFT we can go back and examine the issue with adult eyes.

It is interesting because it helps with both psychological and physical issues. I know singers and actors that use it to calm performance fears. Soldiers with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) use it help them through flashbacks and traumatic triggers in civilian life. It isn’t the favourite of big pharmaceuticals because it is free, and so they cannot make a profit from it. Easy to see why it isn’t well-known, huh?

EFT works by stimulating the ends of the meridian lines that travel through our body. Meridian lines are the methods by which electricity travel around our bodies. Scientists have used video techniques to actually see the pathways.

Using EFT Tapping involves tapping with your fingers, in a gentle way, on the face and upper body. You can see how to do it on this post.

EFT tapping reduces stress. It reduces the amount of cortisol the body produces. Stress is linked to many illnesses. For instance, we all know heart attacks are linked to high-stress lifestyles. Stress is also an indicator for strokes, obesity and asthma as well as many other illnesses. Some research suggests up to seventy per cent of all illnesses are linked to stress.

When using EFT we accept the feelings we have and embrace them, which takes some of the emotion from the issues. Then we can tap on the actual problem we have. If you go onto YouTube you will find many videos of people cured of phobias or negative beliefs with EFT. This one talks about feeling that you are too old, or a procrastinator, or lazy.

From experience, I am convinced that this is one of the best techniques around. I admit, I felt it was a bit weird at first. But when I tried it on myself I found how useful it is. I urge you to look at and have a go yourself.

One way I have used EFT was to go back to past traumas, such as physical abuse. I replayed the experience like a video in my mind. At first, it filled me with terror. But, after going over it again and again tapping as I went, the “film” of the event became less and less traumatic. After a few rounds of tapping, I didn’t feel fear at all.

After the emotion was taken out of the equation, I was able to look at the situation with adult eyes. My mother had threatened to kill me and was beating me. My mother didn’t realise there was a knock on the door, and my younger sister opened it. Mother’s friend walked in and shouted her name in a shocked voice.

I crawled away upstairs to safety.

In my mind, as a child, the only reason I didn’t get killed was that the friend turned up and mother stopped. From then on I was terrified of her killing me.

As an adult, I can see that she was angry with me, and she never intended to kill me.

You see that EFT helped me in that situation and if you have disturbing memories it can help you too.

Whatever problem you have, whether physical or mental, it is worth using EFT to help you recover.

People ask can it be used for this or that — the truth is it is worth a try. Use it for sore throats, for sprained ankles, for phobias, traumas and depression. It is wonderful on anxiety. 

Even if you come home from work and feel stressed, do a couple of rounds of tapping and you will feel much better, more relaxed. Best of all you will feel more able to cope with your life.

This remarkable technique has the added bonus of being free. A no-cost solution to give you the power to help yourself with your mental issues. The person who first accessed EFT is Gary Craig. He decided to make the technique available to everyone at no charge. No doubt he could have made a fortune but he decided against it. Have a look at his explanation here:

I urge you to give it a try. EFT is safe. It is effective. It is truly remarkable. It doesn’t cost anything to use it whenever and wherever you like. Don’t miss out on the tremendous opportunity to tap yourself well both mentally and physically. What have you got to lose?

Ref: https://www.webmd.com/balance/stress-management/features/10-fixable-stress-related-health-problems#1 Stress and health issues.


Ruth Stewart is a writer, a mother and wife. She would love to write books and earn a comfortable living from writing. She loves dogs and horses, and dreams of wide open spaces and solitary homes on wind swept plains.
Ruth Stewart is a writer, a mother and wife. She would love to write books and earn a comfortable living from writing. She loves dogs and horses, and dreams of wide open spaces and solitary homes on wind swept plains.
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