Writers are often a temperamental lot. It seems any change can take us off course, like changing winds blowing a yacht off-course.

Things — frustrating things — seem to crop up. Out of nowhere, you can have your time misdirected by others (though this is not always intentional or mischievous). Or you can be laid low by the flu or some other malaise.

Then, when you’re over this interlude and it’s time to get back on the horse, you can find yourself stuck. Your normal rhythm having been thrown out of whack, you now have to find a way back.

So, how do you find your writing mojo again when you’ve been MIA a while?

Every writer has been through this. It is not unheard of for writers having finished a long work, such as a novel, and not picking up the pen again for years.

Sounds odd, doesn’t it?

Surely, if someone is a writer they must love what they do enough to keep going?

Like, writers can’t have down days. They can’t be hampered by illness. Or forced to lay down the pen while they pick up the suit and tie to pay the bills.

Sometimes — just every now and then — such breaks may even be beneficial. Stepping back for a moment can give writers perspective. They can refresh and re-energize, readying themselves for a period of maximum productivity.

This is a good thing.

Yet, that cursor always beckons! It drags us back. Stories must be told. And, it’s the writer’s job to tell them.

And so, we must find a way back!

3 Great Things to Get Your Groove Back

Writers crave inspiration. We need to be moved. Our imagination needs to be sparked. And, the strings of our hearts need to be tugged (ever so gently, might I caution). These are some things that can help us:


Simply put, a large part of our inspiration comes from others. Significant others. Less significant others. And, dare I say it, insignificant others.

Our significants tug our hearts. The pull of hearts toward those we love can be inspiring. It opens up the potential of the most powerful creative energy yet known to man — love. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for love. Love conquers all…especially re-starting anxiety.

Slightly less inspirational are those we orbit around in the daily grind. Co-workers, neighbors, and fellow travelers.

Something they say or do can turn your creative energy back on, compelling us once again to yield to the blinking cursor. We laugh and struggle together with these people; rowing the same boat down THAT river (you know the one!), everyone hoping not to drop an oar lest they end-up stuck up You-Know-What Creek without a paddle.

Then, there are those who may be insignificant. At least until they impact you. Their own story gripping you; shaking you up until you realize again that the pen is still mightier than the sword.

Like the friend of a friend who just lost a battle with cancer at 40. Few knew. Yet his loss and his story are jarring. Life is too short!! You just have to go for it because none of us know when our last chapter will be written.


Nature can be hard to ignore — like this darn cat who lbjakjkkakka (walks all over my keyboard! :[ ). Your pets have a way of bringing you back to earth with a thud. Or a tail slap in the face!!!

A beautiful sunset, an amazing view or the ‘spiritual’ connection to water that we might experience out amongst the waves while surfing can fuel inspiration.

Whenever you’re feeling weighed down or need some inspiration, take a walk along a beach, walk the dog or your iguana, or go hiking. It is the best way to freshen your mind. (Though it can be fairly frustrating if you’re walking a laggard lizard!)


Is there anything in life that doesn’t go with music?

I remember in my final years of school studying with music playing in the background. A mental association was created between what I was studying and the music I was listening to. Led Zepplin and economics, anyone? Or perhaps the Smashing Pumpkins and algebra?

When I was flat, I’d change the tunes. I’m sure you already do this but maybe you had never thought of writing this way. It can boost your ability to recall facts for your writing and also is good at changing your mood.

So much of writing is about mood. Get yourself in the right mood and you can be super-productive, writing for hours on end.

Just Start (Again)

No matter what the reasons for your step-back from your writing there are myriad ways you can help to rekindle your affection for the keyboard and screen. We’ve seen just a few, and hopefully, your creativity has been prodded just enough to help you tune-in to some of your own personal methods of getting back into it.

Nike has become famous for their slogan ‘Just do it’. But, when it comes to finding your writing fingers again it sometimes comes down to this: Just. Start. Again.

Get your butt back in the chair!! And good luck.

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