Hint: It is Your Key to Promotion.

How to Master the Fine Art of After-Work Emailing.

Hint: It is Your Key to Promotion.

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We had assembled again for Jack’s party, his third in three years.

This time, however, it was bigger and better.

The booze was better. The eats were creamier. And the people now more accepting to that alien idea, just a year back.

That Jack had become our boss now. Yes, this is his third promotion in 3 years …………in a row.

And needless to say, he was beaming happily ear to ear like a Cheshire cat on steroids.

And we were also making the right noises, smiling outwardly in the best possible genuine way.

But inwardly we were seething with annoyance. We were hurt and demoralized.

How come this rat-faced bugger is able to rise so fast while we are just ending up slogging our asses.”

“What is his bloody secret”.

These questions galloped through our minds as we continued the pretense of being Jack’s best friends.

As the booze flowed unabated, Jack’s tongue loosened up.

And he spilled out the beans.

Guys you need to work smart.” He brawled.

And you need to work smart after office hours by letting everyone know”. He paused while he swigged off the wine in five neat gulps.

“And the simplest way to do it is sending emails after work to the higher-ups.”

“Yes. It bloody works. Look at me!!! “. He boasted in glee.

And Here are some of the unexpected benefits you get by just doing that.

You Stand Out from the Herd

Yes, Guys. Your boss receives an average of 1000 emails/day in the work hours (let us say 9.00–6.00). He can’t possibly pay attention to every email, leave aside reading the teeny-weeny bits of appreciation you have received from your customers.

Your expectation is wrong. He is a human after all. Have a heart!!!!

That is where you need to play smartly.

Send him emails at odd hours (any time after 1.00 AM works. But the more the later, the more the better).

The boss gets his notification. He reads your email. There is an instant karmic connection between you and him.

And it clicks in place. You are just like him. Workaholic!!!

The more you send such emails, the more brownie points you score. Simple as that!!!

It Highlights Your Dedication

You are handling this project which is in deep shit and you just don’t know what to do. You are supposed to send the project status report every Monday around 10.00 AM. Once you send that devastating email, you are bound to get an earful from your boss. Your Monday and subsequently your entire week goes kaput because of that perennial bashing.

What to do? I figured out a smarter way.

I sent that email on Sunday evening at 2.00 AM. That completely changed his perception about me.

I now appeared to him as a hardworking, weekend-sacrificing dedicated individual who is not even sleeping due to the project pressure. This pressure is killing me and I am leaving no stones unturned to turn the tide of the project. I am insanely dedicated; heart, body, and mind.

At the end of the day, it is all about managing the right perception in front of the right person. Simple as that!

And Lastly, It Guarantees your Availability at all times

Yes, Availability. High Availability should not be restricted to systems and applications only. Humans also come under its unforgiving umbrella.

Sending emails at odd hours virtually endorses your availability. Your boss gets a license to call you, ask your advice, cajole you or threaten you at any time and you become a punching, bitching or thinking bag (depending on the situation) by default, at all times.

Now that is a not a bad thing as you can see by my stupendous growth.

Always Remember, you can have a career. You can have a Life. But to balance both, you need to have a better boss.

We walked back home, thoughtful and confused.

It was 2.00 AM. I immediately fired my laptop. I need to send that project status report now!!!

I worked with intense passion as a man possessed. Now is the time to show my worth!!!

Just when I was about to press Send, my little daughter snuggled close to me and whispered sleepily.

Dad !! aren’t you sleeping?”

I looked at her and then at the email. Truth clicked in place.

It is simply not worth it. The value of life is priceless.

I deleted the draft and went to sleep.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Technology manager, poet, archaeology enthusiast, history maniac and also an avid blogger. I look at each day as a new flower waiting to unleash its magic. Visit Ravi on Medium.
Technology manager, poet, archaeology enthusiast, history maniac and also an avid blogger. I look at each day as a new flower waiting to unleash its magic. Visit Ravi on Medium.
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