Most of us have dreams of quitting our jobs and living the rest of our lives doing whatever the hell we like without a care in the world. 

If I had to guess I’d say that’s one of the main reasons people write on here, to make enough money to be able to live life on their own terms —  and also for the enjoyment of writing. 

I am one of the lucky ones. I actually enjoy my job and coming into the office every day isn’t a burden for me as it is for many others. That being said, it would be nice to not have to work, so to speak, and be able to earn a living elsewhere as I do the things I love to do. 

So, What’s the Plan? 

The plan is simple and it’s the same for me as it is for you. To make enough money from a side hustle so that myself and my family can live comfortably, doing the things that we love and living the life of our dreams. See, I told you it was simple. 

Ok, so maybe that’s only part of the plan and there is a lot more to it than that. It’s easy to say, “All you need to do is make enough money by doing….” blah blah blah. What you really need to do is focus, put the work in and never give up. But deep down you already knew that. 

So that’s what I’ve started to do. My plan is to work on building my Medium profile and to earn money through the Medium Partner Program — I know this is not a stable long term goal, as eventually, all online platforms come to an end, but it’s a starting point. 

Step 1: Focus 

As mentioned above the first step is focus. When I first started writing and publishing on Medium I was also trying to grow an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account all at the same time which wasn’t happening. 

I’ve since given up with the other platforms and my sole focus is on Medium. Nothing else. Your dream may not be the same as mine but that’s ok. I would suggest cutting away all the distractions keeping you from moving toward your goals and have only one main focus. 

There will be other distractions that come along, that is to be expected, but stay strong and know that you are doing the right thing by focusing only on achieving your target. 

Step 2: Put the Work in

You will never get anywhere close to that dream life if you don’t put the work in and that’s a fact. But I know that you know this so I won’t bang on about it. 

What I would suggest is to keep pushing yourself to do more. Don’t let yourself get comfortable. Set targets that will be difficult to meet each day then try your utmost to meet them. I decided to write and publish two pieces per day on Medium as I was finding it easy to write one. 

I am not consistent enough as of yet in making the two per day target but when I do eventually get to that level the next target will be three per day and so on. Try it yourself, you’ll soon find what becomes normal to you is beyond belief to others. And that’s why you are going to win. 

There Are No Shortcuts 

I did mention a third step above — never give up — but I shouldn’t have to remind you of that. 

There are no quick fixes to building your dream life — trust me I’ve been searching, a lot! The only way to make it is the old fashioned way, hard work. I intend on working my ass off to get to where I want to be in life, are you willing to do the same? 

Just remember, the harder you work now the quicker you can quit that nine to five and live life on your own terms. 

Let’s get after it! 

I write about everyday life. Things that I come across and that spark my interest. My aim is to learn something from every life experience and maybe even inspire the people who read my work.
I write about everyday life. Things that I come across and that spark my interest. My aim is to learn something from every life experience and maybe even inspire the people who read my work.
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