An abundance of psychic vitality, the natural energy streaming through your mind and body, will make you feel on top of the world. Unfortunately, it is far easier to deplete your vitality than to accumulate it. 

The way to build up your vitality is is to take care of your mind and body through a variety of healthful practices and disciplines, includes cultivating the following: good habits, diet and exercise, loving relationships, a wholesome environment, and mastering your field of expertise. 

In other words, your psychic vitality will increase in direct proportion to your ability to optimize all your life conditions. 

Dissipation of this wonderful vitality, on the other hand, happens quite easily. Equanimous life conditions are hard to maintain. Outside forces can quickly compromise your best efforts to stay on top of all your energizing disciplines. All it takes is one unexpected negative life experience to completely drain you of most of your life-force energy.

Feeling Shattered

 Your negative life situation might include insufficient income, poor health, difficult relationships, or a myriad other forms of quiet desperation. 

Ironically, when you “take arms against a sea of troubles,” you do not end them by opposing them. Instead, you make things worse. This happens because when you’re in an agitated state, it’s easy to do all the wrong things to set things right.

There is another way of dealing with misfortune, and that is to stop resisting what’s not working for you.

When you do, you drop your suffering. Once the angst dissipates, you open up a space for something new to appear. 

All suffering is psychological pain. Even if you have physical pain, it is your thoughts of resistance to the pain that aggravates your condition.

If you are able to recognize that all suffering is psychological, then it is possible for a solution to appear. 

If, on the other hand, you are not willing to admit the role you play in your suffering, believing that other people and circumstances are doing things to you, then you have little to no chances of breaking the spell of grief, frustration, and anger that has completely grabbed your attention.

“I hate my job!”

Imagine, for example, that you are in a job you hate.

Let us also imagine that you have good reasons to despise your work. It pays too little; the hours are long and dreary; and both your colleagues and customers have a habit of leaving their better angels outside when they step into your office. 

Let us also assume that you are completely overqualified for the work but that no one is interested in giving you an opportunity to express your intelligence, talents, and natural aptitudes. 

In most people, this concatenation of distressing circumstance is enough to cause immense suffering. You may find yourself not only working long, hard hours but you may also notice diminishing returns when it comes to income, influence, and initiative. 

What should you do under such circumstances? 

You must drop your resistance to all the psychological sturm und drang for it is draining your life-force, forcing you to react to the escalating pressures in a stupified state. What’s more, your dysfunctional relationship to your job will end up bleeding into every other area of your life that is still working reasonably well. 

While your situation may be bad, your resistance to it makes it even worse.

Dropping Resistance

Here are three ways to drop resistance:

  1. Trust LIFE to support you. If you believe in a higher power —  your own subconscious mind, the possibility of a superconscious mind, or some other state of consciousness superior to your ordinary consciousness — then surrender to it. By letting go, you create an inner spaciousness for something new to come into your life. You may get an intuition about what to do about your life problem. You may also get help from unexpected sources — other people, new opportunities, or helpful information.
  2. Change your inner narrative. Reacting to your situation, your mind is probably telling you exactly how bad things are and how terrible everybody is at work. The more you activate this negative thinking, the deeper it buries you into feelings of abject despair. Although appearing as a helpful way to alert you about emerging dangers, this type of thinking only makes you more vulnerable to whatever fresh insults are arising in your job.
  3.  Champion your inner child. When your inner child feels unsafe, your subconscious mind pulverizes you with all kinds of debilitating emotions — apathy, fear, grief, anger, and so on. You can comfort your inner child by meditating, reading comforting books, enjoying hot baths, or going for long walks, and by noticing the beauty of the present moment when you are away from work.

Recovering Your Vitality

You are not your oppressive life situation. You are the consciousness that is experiencing antagonistic forces. 

The way to free yourself, the way to access an inner spaciousness where a creative answer to your dilemma can show up, is to trust life to deliver you from your perils, to quit destroying your self-esteem through negative self-talk, and to take self-care measures to restore your emotional well-being.

When you take these three constructive steps, you will begin to revive your vitality and answers will emerge within you and around you to set you free from suffering.

Saleem Rana writes to inspire people to change their lives for the better. After college, he traveled around the world as a business journalist. Later, he earned a master’s degree in psychology and became a psychotherapist. Today, he writes books and articles on productivity and self-improvement.
Saleem Rana writes to inspire people to change their lives for the better. After college, he traveled around the world as a business journalist. Later, he earned a master’s degree in psychology and became a psychotherapist. Today, he writes books and articles on productivity and self-improvement.

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