Maximizing your potential by minimizing your distractions.

I’m pretty sure you can remember a time when someone treated you like you didn’t exist. It made you so upset you didn’t even know how to respond.

Like when a person you know questioned your ability to follow through on something—anything, really. In a burst of anger, the immediate response in your head was, “I’ll show them!”

Without hesitating, you knew what you wanted to do. The need to respond this way just comes out of us. It’s a reaction that bubbles up inside without much effort.

But here’s what we’re doing in the process.

We’re assuming we have to prove them wrong.

Most of the time (if not all the time), how we respond to the opposition of other people represents a desire to ensure that those who doubt us never do so again.

We want to get revenge on people who treat us like trash. Like there’s no real value found in us at all.

Something in us comes out and says, “You’re going to be sorry you did that!”

But what if we were going about it all wrong?

What if there was a better way to respond to that kind of treatment that (in the end) tastes even sweeter than revenge, and one that frees you from the painful consequences of concentrating on the “others”?

Keeping Your Head Up

The key to this is remembering that what you do with their opinions, attitudes, and actions concerning you will ultimately determine the health of your pursuits now and in the future.

It’s hard to forget someone who doesn’t believe in you. The kind of person that puts you down constantly and never encourages you to push for more.

They don’t pick you up when you fall. Instead, they laugh at you with no regard to how you feel.

These people can become like gnats to your mind, buzzing around and annoying the life out of you.

That is… if you let them.

But you don’t have to. They can doubt you all they want. The game-changer is to believe in yourself even more than they refuse to believe in you.

The reason people refuse to believe in you is due to the fact that they don’t see what you see.They don’t have the kind of vision you have.

I’d be lying if I said it was easy to put them behind you. But the process of overcoming this hurdle changes everything.

Over-Analyzing the Doubters Is Time Consuming

Their words don’t just vanish away as if you were performing some magic trick. They stick to you like glue. Attempting to avoid them, their faces often show up in your head.

But instead of focusing on our own lives and what we need to get done, we spend most of our time thinking about them.

Our productivity gets chopped down as we sit and ponder on how we can prove them wrong.

In truth, there’s nothing crazy about the idea of using the disbelief of others as fuel for your fire. This can be a positive way to get yourself headed in the right direction.

But if we aren’t careful, we’ll confuse revenge with motivation — two completely different worlds.

Resistance Makes You Stronger

I started to be motivated by what others were saying about me because I realized the benefits of doing so. No longer did I set in stone a promise to myself that I was going to make every single person who put me down look stupid.

That is exactly what’s taking up too much of your time.

You should be writing more stories.

You should be drawing more sketches.

You should be taking more pictures.

But you just can’t get those voices out of your head.

Photo by Dillon Shook on Unsplash

This is why I stopped trying to get revenge, aiming to prove them wrong. With the mindset fixed on people who doubted me, it was basically as though I was sitting on a bench and allowing the weight to rest on my chest.

I wasn’t getting any stronger by doing so. I was actually hurting myself.

This is what we’re doing when we let those voices, those faces, those opinions stick to us. But you’ve got to start lifting them up, strengthening your drive, or they will hold you down.

Nothing could shake this reality from my life. Until I made a conscious effort to use it as motivation rather than a means of getting back at people.

You have to pay closer attention to the journey ahead if you want to move forward. No excuses allowed.

They may not see where we’re going, but we have an idea.

You need to have the determination to keep going regardless of what the “others” are thinking and saying about you.

This comes with changing how we see the negativity and ugliness in others.

Using resistance as fuel, and not as a double-edged sword to be avenged, makes all the difference in the world.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Hone in on what brought you here. Then watch your drive increase, your passion grow, and the quality of your work get better and better.

Besides, the naysayers have nothing on you.

Kevin Horton is a 24-year-old photographer, college student, modest book-worm, and wanna-be web developer with a new-found love for writing. He writes helpful words about creativity, productivity, and the enjoyably simple life.

’Til next time. Thanks for reading!

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