I’m just gonna start out by giving you the answer so you can continue doing what you were doing: It is MINDSET.

So there is this myth that artist can only create when they are inspired. You hear people talk about writers block or being stuck in general. The solution is always to have a change of scenery or just wait it out.


Being an artist is about creativity, yes. But even more important is consistent work.

Take it from the man who made over 50.000 artworks during his time on earth:

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

― Pablo Picasso

I mean think about it. If you wanted to make a living off of selling shoes. Well, then you need to have shoes to sell. You need to constantly produce shoes so you can sell the shoes and earn money to keep making more shoes. It is pretty straightforward.

The same goes for art.

If you want to be a painter paint. If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be a music artist, produce. etc.

I think most creatives struggle with this because you were taught growing up that your creativity is a hobby.

Drawing was something you did in class when you were bored. Making music was what you did when you procrastinated doing homework.

Thus it becomes “leisure”. And that is fine if you want it to be a hobby forever. However, if you want to seriously pursue a creative career then you need to rewire your thoughts.

You need to work on your art as if someone hired you to do the job. When you go to work you will suddenly go 8 hours plus focused on the task at hand. Why? Because your boss told you to and because you get money for it.

The key to this is making it a habit. Whatever is a habit becomes effortless. Every day you brush your teeth and make the bed. It is a habit, just something you need to do. And so is your art. Every day it is just a part of life. Just another thing you have to do.

Whenever I write something kind and empathetic, no one believes me, and everyone thinks I am being sarcastic.
Whenever I write something kind and empathetic, no one believes me, and everyone thinks I am being sarcastic.
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