Almost Daily Gratitude

Starting anything new can be scary, so it’s nice when a start starts well. 

It is the Best of Times. It is the Worst of Times

Everyone else seems so excited about a new year. That enemy within tries to convince me that I’m missing out on something. It wants me to join the fun, relish the anticipation and imbibe in the toasts to new beginnings.

It doesn’t work, so the enemy withing switches tactics. It switches to the one that works. It reminds me of the passing of time, my impending arrival at the clearing at the end of the path.

“Go now. Our journey is done. And may we meet again, in the clearing, at the end of the path.” 
Stephen King

Or the worst of all for me: the end of the holiday season.

To the Resolution Revolution!

I think the reason most new year’s resolutions fail is that the resolvers don’t fear them. 

Wait. Let me put that in big, highlightable quote text. (Please don’t consider this a hint.)

The reason most new year’s resolutions fail is that the resolvers don’t fear them.

People love the concept of a new year and new change because they have no intention of changing.

If they sincerely intended to make any significant change, they’d dread New Year’s Eve. Like me.

Dread New Year’s Day Eve Like Me!

I used to love New Year’s Eve. It was always the best party of the year. And I partied.

I Never Made Resolutions

My biggest concern every year was what booze I was going to polish off a bottle of at the New Year’s Eve party. The only self-improvement I pursued was partying harder than the previous year.

Sometime before New Year’s Day hangover intensity rose high enough to meet New Year’s Eve fun on the cost-benefit graph, I met my wife. Thank the heavenly, benevolent Lord above for that!

She and I attended a one New Year’s Eve party together before our daughter arrived. Then my only concern became their well-being. The enemy within occasionally whispers temptations of reliving the glory days. Stupid enemy within.

These days, I struggle to stay up until midnight for anything. I won’t even attempt a Marvel movie premiere.

Without the promise of a party, and with the desire to progressively improve myself as a human (as far as anyone is concerned, I am human), and loving Christmas at ever-increasing levels, I’ve grown to dread New Year’s Eve.

Every New Ending Comes… 

It’s the end of my favorite time of year. My Spanish wife insists all holiday decorations have to be put away before Dia de Lost Reyes Magos.Reyes Magos – Día de los Reyes Magos – Spanish Culture
Día de los Reyes Magos – the Day of Three Kings in Spain, January

Otherwise, I’d ignore the Home Owners’ Association rules and leave the Christmas lights up through Valentine’s Day. Then just switch my cool white bulbs with pink ones.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, it may be time to boost Valentine’s Day from now on. Who’s with me there?

From Some Other Endings Beginning

I really hate to see the holidays end. I have to take down Christmas lights from the house like I remove a stubborn band-aid. I have to rip them down before I can think about how much it hurts, because if I stop to think about it…

I Still Don’t Make Resolutions

Since I made these 3 New Year’s Resolutions a few years ago, I’ve just worked to advance and nurture them. I still feel pressure to do something, though, and I dread January 1st.

Is January 1st an Arbitrary Date?

We like to call it an arbitrary date.

I love the concept that any and every day is a great day to start something new. The 1st of any month, the 1st day of any week, the first day of any weekend. We want to convince ourselves that January 1st is no more significant than February 14 or March 17. 

That cunning and knavish Janus won’t allow that, though. January 1st is epic

So I dread January 1st.

2019 Had a Great Start

A friend visited and celebrated the day with us. Although I didn’t make a resolution, the desire to spend more time with loved ones had been rising since I read The Little Book ofHygge over the summer.

My wife made a Spanish Tortilla. We hadn’t enjoyed a tortilla since we were in Spain.

Later that day we made churros. We hadn’t had churros since we were in Spain. We haven’t made churros at home in over five years. We also ate our traditional black-eyed peas and cabbage.

The way my wife prepares black-eyed peas and cabbage isn’t traditional. It’s delicious.

It was a great start to the new year. I’m grateful for this great start, for making a dreaded start (and end) a good start.

Happiness Architect at Survived 25 years of corporate America. I take #Happiness seriously. So you don’t have to. I also humor.
Happiness Architect at Survived 25 years of corporate America. I take #Happiness seriously. So you don’t have to. I also humor.

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