They’re Just Too Fast!A True Story about how the Devil got blamed for something he didn’t do.

I can’t run so fast. And the embarrassing fact is that my mind runs 10 times faster than me! I just can’t keep up.

I’m Being Bombarded

For a new writer, it’s a challenge to simply observe things. To not see everything as a piece of article material.

“Oh look! A flower. What a wonderful structure! Nature is so beautiful and creative! Now I’ll write an article titled ‘How To Be More Creative.’ Subtitled, ‘Observe The Things Around You.’ Great! Where’s my notepad app?”

Wow! My dear writer, why don’t you try following the same advice for a while?


I see a bird; I want to write about it. I catch myself talking to myself; I want to write about it. I see two people road raging; I want to write about it.


I can’t write one and three more join in. I am forced to choose one and drop the others with a heavy heart.

And the worst part:- I forget all of them. 😱

Either I transform myself into that 👆 GIF. After that, I’ll be able to execute every single idea passing my head.

Because there are a ton of ideas. Just too many of em’. And they’re shooting in and out constantly.

“What Should I Write About?”

This question seems like a joke after writing the above lines. How can ideas be so scarce? So why does the writer’s block even exist?

As far as I know, ideas turn tasteless after a while. After a certain point in time, I don’t want to write over them anymore.

I have approximately 50 noted ideas in my notepad, excluding the ones scattered all over my notebooks and textbooks.

After all this, I still face this one question, “What will I write about today?”

Oh nooooooo! Not again!! 😫

What the hell is this?! Old ideas have stopped working. New ideas don’t show up when I want them to.

It’s like I have a lot of money but I don’t have any. Or perhaps it’s just that I’m not able to use it.

There are new ideas popping in and out round the clock. They make the old compilation seem old, boring and mostly useless.

And maybe that’s why I don’t wanna write over them anymore.

The Greed

Over time, the inspiration that strikes me in the middle of the street bound me. I never noted them down since I knew what happens to noted ideas. 😝

Then more complication arose when I held myself back.

For eg:- On running out of stuff to write, I turn to the idea bank. But something holds me back, and whispers, “Let’s wait for those spontaneous ideas! They’re the best!”

Greed found a place. I was now looking for better ideas instead of material to write.

There’s a special reservation for “spontaneous ideas.” I want them and ignore the others.

And I know it, that even today, the idea bank has content worth writing. I strike off ideas that don’t feel right. But still, 40% of the content still survives.

Even after realizing this mistake, I can’t stop myself from “waiting”.

Idea Management

As the subtitle says, I wish to develop a mechanism which gives me inspiration when I want.

I will call for ideas, and only then they should show up to inspire me. Basically, promoting slavery. 😉

But that hasn’t worked out every time.

But there’s one thing which did work out. I call it an “idea filter.”

I have a problem with remembering things. But I’ve used it to my lead in this case.

Suppose 5 ideas pop up right now while I’m talking to you. I obviously won’t be noting them down since noting down to an extent has failed for me.

Then when I’ll sit to write, I’ll try to recall those ideas. If I recall 2, it means something — Out of those 5, these 2 were the most important or impactful.

Because they were the ones that left a deeper impact. And that is why I could easily recall them.

When an idea sticks to your mind for long, there are two main underling reasons,

1. It was so good you couldn’t forget it.

2. There’s a lot of experience connected to it that keeps that idea alive. You have a lot of content to write over that topic.

If I can’t recall any of them, then none of them were important for me. Or to be more precise, they couldn’t make it to my priority list. Simple.

An idea has to be important/powerful enough to retain itself in my head.


It’s tough to channelize things. Especially the thoughts that keep coming.

There’s a variety of things to write on. A tree has the power to provide inspiration for every type of writer.

Fiction, non-fiction, self-help, poetry, what not!

And many times, some ideas strike again after some time! And who knows? Maybe this is the right time?

What do you do to channelize your thought stream?

And here’s a more important question than that one.

Are you even channelizing your thought stream?

It focuses on sharing ideas and life lessons that will help us in our personal growth. Visit the blog.
It focuses on sharing ideas and life lessons that will help us in our personal growth. Visit the blog.

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