You must be willing to suspend your disbelief

We all have ideas we are never going to act on, and we know it.

The real issue is if we have ideas that we are going to act on. In fact, the majority of entrepreneurs have a thousand ideas for each one they actually follow through on.

It’s the same with writers; maybe even to the point where we can say we have 2,000 ideas an only act on one of them.

Of course, these are estimates. The likelihood that anyone has exactly 1,000 or 2,000 ideas and only acts on one is pretty low. The likelihood that as writers or entrepreneurs we have many ideas and only act on one, is very high.

Every person who has ever had an idea to use in a business sense or in a writing sense knows in their heart of hearts that we can’t possibly act on all the ideas we have.

But we also know in our heart of hearts that we can act on that one idea that sends bolts of lightning through our souls. And we also know that if we don’t act on that idea, we are going to feel crappy for the rest of our lives.

Especially when we see someone else act on their version of it right before our eyes.

The biggest issue with starting is that we need to suspend our disbelief.This is a theater term which means in effect that we are willing to take on that dream that is being cast before us.

  • We must be willing to see something which is actually not there
  • Act on that vision
  • And work until the reality we are dreaming about becomes a reality in the real world.

It’s not that as entrepreneurs or writers we see only pie in the sky visions, it’s that we believe that what we are doing. We know that what we are creating is becoming true in real life. We must see that dream as truth and put our entire souls into the creation of that reality.

There are always dreamers. They dream because that is their job.

There are always creators. They create because that is their job.

While the dreamers may share their dreams, it is only when others decide those dreams are part of their own reality, that the original dreams blossom.

When creators share their dreams and are willing to say, here is the reality of my dream, right here in front of you ready for you to use to create the life of your own; that is an authentic gift to the world.

Creators, whether they are writers, painters, photographers, or any other kind of entrepreneur, breathe new life into the world.

They create with their hearts out in the open.

In order for anyone to work with the ideas of another creator to create their own dream, they must be willing to start creating on their own. We must take the tools provided and begin.

To create anew we must be willing to leave our doubts by the side of the new road we’re walking and see forward into a future which is not yet real and see ourselves living there.

It’s awesome to be that way, to live in a reality that is not yet extant; to see a truth which you know in your heart, but which isn’t yet recognized anywhere else.

Start now. Work now. Live that vision you see in your heart. You deserve it.

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