Love has one answer. “It’s okay.”

Someone has told you that you lack something, so he or she doesn’t accept your proposal? Or currently, she has plans, so she is not ready.

In other words, people reject you when you confessed your heartfelt love?

Everyone encounters rejection. Someone whom they love despised them.

We have fucking expectations from a person that “he is not that type of guy” or “she won’t reject me.” But when he says that he can’t do it. We really feel heartbreak.

People are more different than you think, they’re way imperfect than you believe, and they’re more cynical than you expect.

Believe it or not, but most people don’t understand the real nature of love.

If you know exactly what true love is, you can save yourself from lots of heartaches.

Let’s understand the real nature of love.

Excuses Are Red Flags.

Any excuse you hear from the person is a clear red flag. He or she doesn’t want to be with you. If he loves, he stays.

Those who left — were never yours from day one. So, don’t confuse your mind. Excuses are not real love.

Popular red flags:

  • “I am sorry, my family don’t allow me to marry you.”
  • “I can’t do it.”
  • “I need a different type of boyfriend, I don’t like you.”
  • “I don’t see our future together. So, I’ve to move on.”
  • “I love you but as a friend. I can’t move forward.”
  • “Of course, I love you, but you’re not that type of guy.”
  • “I want to be single. I am not interested in relationships.”
  • “All boys are the same.”

I am not saying that your statement is wrong, I am saying that if you really love someone, you don’t say anything other than yes. Because it’s your active choice.

Anyone who says these sentences, just try again after you’re ready. Yet, he says the same excuse, then stop it.

You can’t make someone “fall in love.” It happens. It’s a decision.

Don’t chase for love. People can only be pursued.

Every excuse reflects his or her clarity of not to choose you. So, if she decides to stay away then give a two-three chance, but still, it’s not possible than wait if you think, but in most conditions, everyone is apparent about the person she is liking.

Don’t invest for those who are unprepared. They’ll leave, and you have to suffer. Because excuses are conditions, and complaints are expectations.

Love is beyond all the shits. It’s calm energy. It’s unconditional and pure.

Love Has One Answer. “It’s Okay.”

If someone is leaving you, just say yourself. “It’s okay.” Ask a person once again, “it’s your final decision?” And if he says “yes.” Then say “okay.” Don’t utter a word.

Love has one answer for everything. “It’s okay.”

This word has power. If you say this and be silent, he feels regret. It’s your confirmation that it’s still okay if you’re transmitting me, you’re showing that you’re here to love even if he excuses and bestows fake love.

Silence is the valid answer, and if you can’t explain, be quiet. Everything will be unveiled. Sometimes it’s okay not to have all the answers, but with time, you understand everything.

It’s okay to stay with your time but don’t explain. Don’t invest your single emotion. It’s your love, and it’s not for them who can’t afford.

I am not saying that they’re cheaters. You can wait. Love is the waiting game. With time, you know his real reason for leaving.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Love Is Your Active Choice.

Yes, I accept a person as my girlfriend is my active choice. I choose to do everything to stay with her. I care, I let go, I respect, I gift, I accept, I listen, I wait, I feel hurt, I feel extreme pain. Everything. This is my choice.

Love is simple, we make it complicated.

Trust In The Energy.

Trust in the process. Most people are way Imperfect.

Tell me one thing, if someone says “I love you” abruptly. How would you react? It’s shocking, right? So, it’s for others also.

People don’t trust. They’ve self-doubts, and it’s totally acceptable. People don’t believe in themselves. They’ve confusions. They’ve got a puzzling life. So, if you propose someone doesn’t mean he or she says “I love you too.” It’s not that straightforward.

But if you say “it’s okay” means you have a trust on the person and yourself. You trust the love, and you’re giving a chance to them again to accept.

So, keep patience, love doesn’t happen overnight.

When you surface all other emotions, then love shines. It takes time.

People angry on each other, they hurt, hate, escalate, rebel, jealous. But when they try everything and nothing work, they understand the real value of love.

So, anyone who is excusing has no clear understanding of what love is. He is showing his feelings. But if you take it on a different level, you create a distinct impact on others’ lives.

What most people expect, you know?

They’re afraid of self-doubt. You can’t tell someone that he lacks something so you don’t love. Because you’re so scared of his feelings. He may take revenge.

But if you respond to someone with love, he senses your feelings.

This is the real energy of real love.

Definitely, you can’t control every situation, but with this perspective, you can healthily realize love.

Everyone has returned in my life once they left. Because I never retaliated.

Stop Excusing, Start Loving.

What you’re doing is matter, not what you’re speaking. Words can be forgiven, not actions. Words don’t matter that much but action and choice matters.

If you say someone that you don’t love and if you want her, means you’re lying. People know that feelings are not real.

So, start creating experiences, love like no one has loved. Wait until she accepts. It doesn’t have a time frame.

If you like someone, you say. But if you love someone, you do.

You shouldn’t be asking “why you’re loving her?”

Love has no “because.” It happens, and it sets to happen.


Passionate Writer, promoter of ‘Love,’ big believer of Positive Psychology and helping you to reach your full potential of self and relationships.
Passionate Writer, promoter of ‘Love,’ big believer of Positive Psychology and helping you to reach your full potential of self and relationships.
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