Oh, Why Must We Race To Red Lights?!

Do we really want to perish?

Must our earthbound souls take flight?


Truth be told, I am still horrified to drive here in South Western Ontario.

I will not, shall not, cannot drive on the 401. Surely, and truly, it’s not a load of fun…

I refuse to drive on the highways here in Ontario. Myself, I will recuse.

Though I do not want to become a recluse…

So scared am I upon entering the highway, that I’m clenching my hands, my jaw, my body.

So rigid am I, from the ride of supposed relaxation.

Where there appears to be little enforcement upon our roads, it does not bode me well. I surely don’t feel swell.

Oh, where art thou O.P.P?!

I don’t think coffee would serve me well, should my bladder fell…

Anytime a rig passes by, I’m so shaking in my pants…that it looks like I’m doing a little dance…

I wish I possessed more poise than what I have, but I suppose I’ll have to pick up a few depends…

Even just here in the city, I’m just a little bitty…

Sometimes I wish I stayed at home with my kitty.

What’s the point of racing to a red light, I often wonder?

Tis why there are so many a blunder.

So many car wrecks,

Tis why there are so many auto shops lining our treks.

So dear people,

Pretty please, just take it easy.

No racing on our residential streets..

Please come to a full complete stop,

Not just a rolling pause!

No racing through the lights of red,

Or I may just report you to the feds!

All kidding aside,

To the rules of the road, we must, must oblige…

Our very lives depend upon our care and attention.

It is of utmost of importance in prevention!

(This post originally started as a humor piece, but morphed into a poem…

I try to make a serious point through humor, rather than pointing fingers.

We tend to close our ears and mind, if we feel judged.

I hope to make a poignant point as well.

Are we really willing to risk our lives, or our loved ones and those around us, simply because we want to get somewhere a little faster?

Isn’t more important to get where we’re going in one piece, thus avoiding great tragedy?)

Avid reader, hopeful author. A mom who loves nature and animals. Visit Robin on Medium.
Avid reader, hopeful author. A mom who loves nature and animals. Visit Robin on Medium.
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