It’s a New Year and everyone’s getting on the goal-setting bandwagon — including my cat. It’s remarkable! It’s not like she walked up and made the announcement to me. You know felines. They like to think they are subtle and unobserved unless they decide it’s time for you to notice them.

While keeping my eyes on her throughout December I could tell she had five specific goals in mind for the coming year. I’m taking note, because, learning from a cat, I mean, it’s almost hipster. Anyone can learn from Seth Godin, Jeff Goins, Tim Ferriss. These guys tell you what you need to know — and they even use words. It takes keen observation skills to glean what I’m about to disclose to you.

Stretch Yourself

Already, you are in awe. While watching my cat go from the top on one sofa to another, or observing her getting down from said places to eat or claw at her cardboard scratching pad, I noticed she always stretched. Ingenious!

We need to stretch ourselves to go outside the comfort zone this year. Don’t just sit on that same spot — the one you’ve worn in from hours, even years, of making a dent. Get up and make yourself move to a new place in life. It’s going to mean stretching, but if it’s good for the cat, it’s good for you.

Leap to New Heights

If you notice most cats, they refuse to lay around with the dogs on the floor. They want to be up — the higher, the better. When we first got my cat, she aimed for the highest spot in the house. Thinking herself the queen of all she surveyed, she jumped to the display shelves over our kitchen cabinets. A spray bottle soon curbed her ambition. Don’t let spray bottles stop YOU! Leap to something higher. Aim, ready yourself and go for it.

Own Your Platform

My cat literally takes over any spot she regularly determines is hers. Do you want to lay your books on that chair? Fine. Just know the cat may decide to push them off. Oh, that lovely Christmas Village — why thank you, she says, for providing me toys on MY shelf. The back of the couch? All mine, she declares.

How about you? Do you own your platform? Have you decided what you stand for and staked your claim? Are you getting all hunkered down and making this space your own? Do it. Let the world know that spot belongs to you and give them something meaningful from where you stand. I’m not saying you should knock books off chairs — probably not — but do what it takes to own your platform.

Don’t Care What Others Think

As she perches in precarious ways, exposed to the world, my cat will do the most outlandish things. If I give her the slightest disapproving glance, she merely squints at me and carries on. My opinion matters very little to her. Compare that to my dog who actually lives for my every movement. If I send my dog one reproving look, he responds with classic puppy dog eyes.

Be like the cat, unperturbed by opinions and nay-sayers. Don’t let every negative comment or positive suggestion move you from your predetermined goals. Know what you’re here for and do it boldly.

Take Naps

In this list of ambitious inspiration, my cat intimated one very important final lesson — one we can easily forgo to our own detriment. Nap. All this leaping and stretching, owning and daring can wear a person out. Take some downtime. Find a cozy spot, curl up and refresh yourself every day. You may even end up with eight lives to spare if you do.


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