A recent US news about a TV actor who graduated from Yale University. When he was young, he gave up his high-paying job and chase his dream.

In recent years, there has been no more TV show for him. Then he work as a supermarket cashier and get noticed by his peers. His photo then went viral online.

These all leading to a series of job discrimination. Sadly our social media bullied those who chase their dream at all cost. Why?

Because most people live according to the rules of the society, such as: graduate from college, find a good pay job, follow the so-called the right path. If someone is walking astray from that path, they are criticized as cynical and dreaming.

In the utilitarianism of society, chasing dreams is a foolish act. Dreams don’t make money, and life experiences can’t make money too.

I know a friend who has spent most of his youth time trying to get a life experience overseas, and it seems to others to be funny thing. Their criticism stems from the fact that they endure long working hour in exchange for high-paying jobs?

His friend once said, “I am envious of your ability to go overseas to explore the world.”

In reality, the dream-seeking friend has become poverty, and even can sustain his basic. But all of his friend has already taken up the important status and earned a high pay salary.

Why these wealthy friends envy? What an irony?

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