The Most Important Question

It was Mr. Einstein who declared “Is this a Friendly Universe” to be the most important question any of us could ask ourselves. Are you asking — have you ever asked yourself that question? THE Most Important Question, he said. I have. In a minute I’ll tell you my criteria for arriving at my answer. And while I will ask you not to expect fireworks to go off with my reply, still I ask that you come down to my level and consider the simplicity of how I do it.

So, let me ask you, how would you answer that question: Is this a friendly universe?

Some harbor beliefs that the universe

-is out to get them;

-conspiring to bring them down;

-out to make them look and feel small.

-“Definitely nothing benevolent about this universe,” they say.

Certainly, there are horrible and devastating things happening in our world today. In the past as well, but let’s stick with things happening now. There’s injustice, famine, death, suffering, the opioid epidemic and a whole lot more. When we consider these occurrences it’s easy to reply with an emphatic NO, to the question above.

-These things are real,

-No amount of faking will make them seem less so

-It’s just not fair

So, NO, this is not a friendly universe, some conclude.

Is your thinking aligned with that kind of thinking? That is your choice.

But tell me, how does seeing the situation in such a way make you feel? Lost? Disillusioned? Fearful? How…? And your health, how does seeing reality for what it is affect your health and state of mind?

What valid argument could people who answer YES to the question have? One would need to be blind to not see all these horrendous things wrong with the world.

Call me Naive

I answer Yes — a resounding yes, to that question.

Yes, this is a friendly universe.

I will sound wimpy to you for saying what I’m about to say, but I do not hope to turn this probing into a philosophical discussion; not into a religious discussion neither. I’m not smart enough nor enlightened enough to take you on that way.

Let me try to tell you why I embrace this idea.

A week ago, I read an amazing article on Medium written by Jeff Barton. I wrote this article then but the Pub I hoped to get published in didn’t want it. Today I took it down and I’m re-submitting somewhere else.(fingers crossed)

Life is one Big Experiment and you are the Chief Scientist.

The way his article spoke to me is about how failure is only failure if you choose to see it that way. Oh boy, do I know about failure? Failure is real to me. I’ve stumbled and failed endless times. But more and more times, I’ve come to turn toward it than away from it.

Jeff subtly points out that Nasa uses failure in positive ways and that, right there, spoke wonders to me. Immediately I thought, I want to align my ideas with those of Nasa. It feels good to think of failure that way. I’m naive that way and I choose certain mindsets based on the way they make me feel.

Read the article that has prompted me to write this one.

Moving along

So, when I think of the way how answering NO to the above question makes me feel, I turn and go the other way.

When I think of these people: Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Marianne Williamson, Pam Grout, the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, the sages and saints, enlightened people of the past and the present who share the belief that the universe is a friendly place, I like the way how what they say makes me feel. I want to align my thinking with theirs.

When I see or hear about these people in videos or books, I cannot help but notice the halo that emanates from them. These people look ‘at peace’, happy. I see in them a relaxed and trusting attitude about life. And Selma wants some of the happiness they possess. Simple but true.

I’ve read enough about these people to know that they use happiness as a guiding principle in their experiments on the universe from which all life comes. That’s the feeling I’m after.

Happiness is the feeling I’m after

I’m a simple girl and I truly believe the universe is a friendly place. What do you believe?

That’s the thought I want to leave you with today. I see the injustices, the suffering and all that pain is also my pain. These things should not be happening. But I believe that by calling forth the peace and happiness that resides in me, I’m helping to align the frequency of the universe in a positive way. I also believe that my happiness will reach the people who need it the most. So there you have it, this is why I choose to feel the way I feel.

This IS a Friendly Universe — Selma

If we want to sprinkle the world with friendliness and happiness and love, first we have to cultivate those feelings in our hearts — Selma

Thanks for reading today. What’s your criteria for choosing what you believe? Whatever they are, I hope they bring you happiness. Cultivate.

I Wish You Miracles, Selma.

Selma: Visit Selma at and see more

Selma is a retired Fifty-something enthusiast of positive thinking. She’s a long time resident of Japan. Visit Selma at
Selma is a retired Fifty-something enthusiast of positive thinking. She’s a long time resident of Japan. Visit Selma at

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