Ah working from home. Every startup blog and the 4-hour work-week tell us that this is what we should be aiming for. It gives you freedom so you can travel anywhere you want while still earning money, you can work from your bed for god’s sake! What could be better? Well after 6 months of intensive experience in a job that lets me work from home my Yelp review would say: “Fuck that shit” next to a 1-star rating.

Ok, maybe 1 star is a bit harsh. After all there are some positive sides to it. The flexibility above all is what I enjoy, being able to travel wherever whenever is pretty neat. Yet even this premium feature becomes significantly more bleak when most people you love and care about don’t have this flexibility. So you’ll have to settle for Solo travels, but even so, it’s quite nice.

Other than travel freedom honestly, working from home is overrated as hell. First time you work from home you’ll most likely do what I did. Take absolute advantage of your situation and brag to everyone and anyone that

“I’m working from my bed! In my PJ’s guys!”

You’ll think it’s exciting and rightfully so, there is something rebellious about doing very important and professional things while being dressed in the least professional and important manner. It’s like you have a secret or something. But man this excitement will disappear as fast as it appeared because the bed is not a good place to work from.

I repeat: A BED, IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO WORK FROM! Not only are the soft cuddly pillows and throws simply not suited (surprisingly!!) for focus and hard work. But it ruins the whole point of your bed too. I mean when your bedroom becomes your office it becomes pretty damn difficult to start associating it suddenly with peace, tranquility, ultimate zen and sleeping. The bedroom is a sacred space and should not be overused all day, or you will start to hate it.

Now you’re thinking: “Ok great Celine, thanks for the revolutionary discovery. I will just work in my home office or kitchen then, and reap all the benefits of at homework while retaining the purity of my bedroom.” WRONG. again. You know what a home office really is? It is an office without anyone to interact with and extra guilt for every pee breaks.

Seriously, unless you go to some cafe/freelance office you will sit all day isolated from anyone. And even the most annoying colleague can feel like a blessing when you’ve been in solitary confinement for 8 hours. And what’s worse is that since you are at home you will feel like you need to overcompensate for your privilege, aka less random bathroom/snack breaks than if you’re at the office.

I’m not saying to never take a job that allows you to work from home or anything. I guess it’s more about not completely buying into the grass-is-greener mindset. An office has lots to offer as well, even in our digital age;-)

Whenever I write something kind and empathetic, no one believes me, and everyone thinks I am being sarcastic.
Whenever I write something kind and empathetic, no one believes me, and everyone thinks I am being sarcastic.
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